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The Vintage Toy Advertiser

Buckaroo is a turn-taking game of balance that inolves hooking items onto the saddle of a mule before it can ‘buck’ the items off. The toy was released in the UK by Ideal in 1970 and went on to become a global hit. Buckaroo is still sold to date and remains a popular toy.

1973 Ideal catalogue page.

UK. Ideal catalogue page. 1972

Bourico . French version of the bucking mule game, Buckaroo .

France. Pif Gadget. 1981. France. Pif Gadget. 1981.

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Office cat tales: this sucks


This morning, Wooof came up from TVTA’s archives with a strange batch of vintage adverts.
“What you got there, Wooof?” I asked.
“Found these stuffed down the back of that old printing press,” replied the cat.
“That’s no printing press,” I said, “that’s the original TVTA office time machine, which is officially on ice until we get those replacement parts I ordered from 1928.”
“Whatever,” said the cat. “What shall I do with these ads?”
Wooof handed me the ads.
“Good grief,” I said. “Some of these ads are completely weird. No wonder they were hidden behind the time machine!”
“I dare say the previous editor intended to send them to the middle ages or somewhere,” said the cat. “Want me to shred them?”
“No. Let’s scan them double-quick, post them up, and hope no one notices! We can say it was a glitch.”
“Or fake news,” said Wooof. “If you hide them among some of our usual ads, no one will ever notice.”
“Good plan, Wooof” said I.
Cue sounds of office scanner…
… sounds like …
… stur… stur… smag…
… stur…stur… smag…
… stur… stur… smag …



This post was brought to you by office cats, broken time machines and Non-toy ad non-Tuesday Tuesdays.


Walt Disney’s Haunted Mansion


OBJECT: Model Building  THEME: Disney / Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote / Coca-Cola on wheels  TIMELINE: 1970s  BRAND: MPC  CONSIDERATIONS: Assembly Required / Drink And Drive Responsibly

Model kit making company MPC produced this fiendish set of horror kits based on Walt Disney’s Haunted Mansion, as seen at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. The models came with action features known as ZAP/ACTION.

Page 1 of double page Disney's Haunted Mansion by MPC. 1974. Weird War Tales. US.

Page 1 of double page Disney’s Haunted Mansion by MPC. 1974. Weird War Tales. US.

Page 2 of double page Disney's Haunted Mansion by MPC. 1974. Weird War Tales. US.

Page 2 of double page Disney’s Haunted Mansion by MPC. 1974. Weird War Tales. US.

Beep Beep …

Next is this 1972 ad for MPC’s Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote super car kits … no need for glue, these are from the snap-together range.

US. The Unexpected. 1972.

US. The Unexpected. 1972.

It’s the real thing …

Another MPC production … it’s the “Coke machine on wheels”, the “Carbonated Cruiser”, it’s the 1971 Coke Vending Machine car!

But what exactly is a Vending Machine car?

US. Teen Titans. 1971.

US. Teen Titans. 1971.

The Vending Machine car was built by Steve Tansy and Glen Yealy in 1970 using Coca-Cola vending machine parts. The side panel was actually the door from a vending machine, and there was an ice cooler at the rear to store your bottles of Coke! The project was given blessing by the Coke company who supplied the machines and even suggested some additional features.

You can read more about this cool car here

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1971 Moon Monster

Horrifying! Exciting! Thrilling!
It’s the life Size MOON MONSTER free when you joined the Monster Fan Club. Advert from Teen Titan 32, 1971, US.