Cluedo was originally called ‘Murder!’ and was developed and patented in the UK by Birmingham-born Anthony E Pratt who sold his game to Waddingtons. The game was officially launched in 1949 and rebranded by Waddingtons as ‘Cluedo’ (a portmanteau of the words clue and ludoludo being the Latin for I play).

In the US Cluedo was licensed by Parker Brothers and underwent a slight name change to ‘Clue’.

UK. Eagle. 1983.

Cluedo. UK. Eagle. 1983.

France. Pif Gadget. 1981.

Cluedo. France. Pif Gadget. 1981.

France. Pif Gadget. 1979.

Cluedo. France. Pif Gadget. 1979.

Cluedo. 1979 Miro-Meccano catalogue page.

Cluedo. 1979 Miro-Meccano catalogue page.

Cluedo Video, 1988, France.

Cluedo Video. France. Cora Christmas catalogue. 1988.

Cluedo. Ets De Neuter cataloguepage. 1995. France.

You can read more about the history of Cluedo at this great site dedicated to all things Cluedo 

RISK… an enduring boardgame, a talented inventor, and a life cut short by tragedy

Classic strategy game Risk was invented by French film director Albert Lamorisse under the French title La Conquête du Monde.

As a director, Lamorisse’s best known film is the classic Le Ballon rouge (The Red Balloon) which was released in 1956 and earned a Palme d’Or and an Oscar.

Lamorisse died at the age of 48 in a helicopter crash while he was filming the documentary Le Vent des amoureux (The Lovers’ Wind). The film was later completed by his son and widow, earning a posthumous Oscar nomination.

Risk remains a popular board game around the world and has been licensed for Lord of the Rings, Transformers, Star Wars and other popular themes, as well as transferring to various computer and video game formats such as Commodore 64, SEGA and Playstation.

US. The New Mutants. 1985.

Risk. US. The New Mutants. 1985.

Risk. 1979 Miro-Meccano catalogue page.

Risk. 1979 Miro-Meccano catalogue page.

Risk. France. Ets De Neuter catalogue. 1995.

Glamour Gals / Glamour Girls

GGals logo tiny

Kenner’s Glamour Gals. These four-and-a-quarter-inch fashion doll figures were sold by Kenner in the US between 1980 and 1982. The dolls came with numerous accessories, playsets and cool vehicles like the Fancy Firebird, and the enormous Ocean Queen cruise ship!

In the 80s GG Cruise shipAbove photo courtesy of In The 80s

Above photo courtesy of

In the 80s GG lineupAbove photo courtesy of In The 80s


In 1981 the dolls were able to parade on their very own Fashion Stand – a rehash of Kenner’s earlier action display stand for the first twelve Star Wars action figure line.

Ron Salvatore SWCA Above photos courtesy of Ron Salvatore SWCA


In France the line was marketed by Miro-Meccano and underwent a slight name change from Glamour Gals to Glamour Girls. Miro-Meccano often advertised the toyline in conjunction with prize offers. The following French adverts from 1983 show promotional tie-ins with Glamour Girls vinyl records and Milky Way chocolate bars.

France. Pif Gadget. 1983.

Glamour Girls. France. Pif Gadget. 1983.

France. Pif Gadget. 1983.

Glamour Girls. France. Pif Gadget. 1983.

France. Pif Gadget. 1983.

Glamour Girls. France. Pif Gadget. 1983.

Not to be confused with …

  • the female Professional wrestling tag team Glamour Girls
  • the classic Nigerian film Glamour Girls
  • search engine typo trip-up The Golden Girls TV series
  • Galoob action figure line Golden Girl

However, if you do like the Galoob Golden Girl line then TVTA has a devoted advert section: Golden Girl

You can also check out Totally Jem for lots of great Glamour Gals catalogue photos!

The Get Along Gang

Taking one for the team since 1983!

UK. ROTJ Comic. 1985.

The Get Along Gang. UK. ROTJ Comic. 1985.

The Get Along Gang began life as a line of greeting cards characters that quickly spawned into a popular television series, story books and comics, and a toy line made by Tomy.

This 1985 advert is taken from the Marvel UK Get Along Gang comic series which ran from 1985 to 1987.

Video gaming 1984 French style with Pif Gadget!

Issue 789 of the 1984 French comic magazine Pif Gadget devoted a sizeable chunk of its pages (including the cover) to the latest video game reviews and features, including some great video game adverts.


Cover design for Pif Gadget video game special 1984Cover for PIF Gadget N° 789, 1984. “Adventures in the world of video-games!”


There are several full-page reviews of games, each one with a panel showing a screenshot of the game plus a stylish artist impression of the main characters.


Burger Time

I haven’t included the Pif Gadget written reviews, instead opting to show the artist panels, the screenshots, and the five-star rating given for important game elements such as: Graphisme (game graphics), Intérêt (gameplay interest) and Bruitage (background sounds)

Frostbite Bailey's

Frostbite Baileys





Dink, Catapult, Scooby Doo, Mario, Dig-Dug, Zaxxon

Next up is a page showing six reviews. The article invites the reader to make their own video-game reviews just for fun and become video-reporters!

Various list;;;

Pitfall II

As well as the reviews, issue 789 also featured some cool adverts to compliment its video-game feature. This great Pitfall II ad proclaims: The triumphant return of Harry Pitfall!


Parker Video Games

And here we see a great Parker ad “At the heart of the action” with Frogger, Q*bert, Super Cobra, and others!

Parker Bros various

Nintendo handheld and tabletop games

The front endpaper shows adverts for sister publications Pif Poche and Placid et Muzo Poche, and the chance to win prizes of Nintendo Donkey Kong handheld games and Snoopy Tennis tabletop games.


Atari prizes!

and finally, an Atari advert with cut-out coupon to win Atari prizes!


To conclude, I think issue 789 of Pif Gadget has some neat features and gives us a good idea of how the video games back in the 1980s were perceived and marketed in countries like France. Thanks for looking 🙂

UK Star Wars adverts: Palitoy (and friends) 1978-1988

ROTJ quartet ad

palitoylogo TVTA

Palitoy was the UK license holder for Star Wars toys throughout the late 1970s and early 80s. Based in Coalville, Leicestershire, the factory was responsible for some truly iconic toys and packaging as well as numerous promotions and advertisements seen in print.

TVTA is proud to present a non-exhaustive collection of UK Star Wars advertising from 1978 to 1988 including many Palitoy adverts, and some of the other UK companies that sold Star Wars merchandise – from kites to snacks to stationery to bubble bath to stickers to comics and more!


Many of these adverts can be found in UK publications such as Battle, Tiger, Victor, Eagle, Look-In, Star Wars Weekly, The Mighty World of Marvel, Return of the Jedi, Empire Strikes Back, Starburst and other UK titles. The adverts are produced on glossy print endpapers and back pages, as well as on cheaper newsprint. 

All adverts featured in this article are taken from my own collection. I have also included a good deal of the UK competition and prize offer pages, and will continue to update this post with new additions. Thanks for looking, and MTFBWY!

1978. KP Outer Spacers

Many Star Wars adverts feature promotions for food and drink items. This 1978 published advert (copyright 1977) for a Fighter Kite offer from special packs of KP Outer Spacers crisps is one of the earliest food promos known in the UK.

SW KP Outer Spacers Kite 1977 POST

1978. Star Wars Weekly advert

Advert for the upcoming UK publication of Star Wars Weekly featuring a FREE cut-out model X-Wing Fighter. Issue 2 would go on to feature a cut-out Tie Fighter. 

SW UK SW Weekly Free XWF TMWOM 1978 POST

1978. Palitoy – The Toys Of The Film

SW Palitoy Toys of the Film SWWeekly 1978 UK

1978. Star Wars Weekly comic Palitoy First 12 offer!

UK comic Star Wars Weekly offered the chance to win 25 complete sets of Palitoy’s figures – 12 in a set! R2-D2, in the photo, was perhaps a little shy back in 1978 with his back turned to the camera!

SW UK Palitoy figures 1978 POST

1978. Star Wars Weekly Letraset offer

Another 1978 Star Wars Weekly offer, this time a chance to win one of 50 Star Wars letrasets.

SW UK Lettraset SW Weekly 1978 TMWOM POST

1978. Star Wars Helix School Products

The school products range from UK company Helix often commands high prices for collectors. Helix produced good-quality and durable stationery items – including some innovative designs like the Death Star pencil sharpener.

This half-page black and white ad shows some of the products available at the time. 

SWWeekly 25 1978 Helix POST

This 1978 competition page below offers the chance to win Helix prizes. Funny to think that the Death Star Pencil Sharpener was offered as a consolation prize, when today it ranks as one of the most sought-after stationery products available to collectors!

1978. Star Wars Force Beam

This colourful 1978 advert from Loydale Limited shows the Force Beam toy light saber that was available to buy in red and green colours.

SW UK Force beam 1978 TMWOM POST

1978. UK Official Star Wars Fan Club advert

This ad is for the UK branch of the Official Star Wars Fan Club. Aside from the FC logo and UK-specific details such as currency and address, the advert is exactly the same as the US colour-printed version that appeared in numerous issues of Marvel and DC comics in the late 70s.

SW UK Fan club 1978 POST

1978. Star Wars Projectors

SW projectors SWWeekly 1978 UK

1978. Shreddies Cereals Star Wars Transfers

SW Shreddies Transfers SWWeekly 1978 UK

1978. C-3PO gives a FREE plug for the new Close Encounters film!

This unusual advert shows C-3PO in full-on ‘salesdroid’ mode trying to flog us a 48 page ‘Close Encounters Super Special’ comic, based on the (then) upcoming film Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Not so unusual really when you consider that the theme music for Close Encounters and Star Wars is composed by John Williams, and that many LP and cassette recordings of the time featured music from both films that were made available on the same release.

SW UK CloseEncounters C3PO 1978 TMWOM POST

Here is 3PO again, this time telling us to place our order for Star Wars Weekly at newsagents before going on holiday! What a helpful droid he was in 1978.

SWWeekly 25 1978 SWW reserve copy POST

1978. Star Wars Special Mail Order

As you can see, Threepio did a lot of advertising…

SW Special Mail Order SWWeekly 1978 UK

1978. Texas Instruments.

Here he is again… in a Star Wars Weekly prize competition, inviting readers to win one of 15 Texas Instruments Star Wars digital watches.

1978. Ingersol Watch Winners

1978. Bath Bubbles Winners

1978. Movie Winners

1978. Valance the Droid Hunter!

Valance the Hunter was created by Archie Goodwin and Walt Simonson. He featured in only a handful of early Star Wars stories but was a formidable character with a hatred of droids and a dark secret!

SW UK Valance 1978 TMWOM POST

1978. Star Wars Bath Bubbles

SW Bath Bubbles SWWeekly 1978 UK

1978. Star Wars Key-Rings

SW Key Rings SWWeekly 1978 UK

1978. Marvel Special Editions

UK. The Mighty World Of Marvel. 1978.

UK. The Mighty World Of Marvel. 1978.

1978. Official Collectors Edition

UK. The Mighty World Of Marvel. 1978.

1978. Official Collectors Edition

SW Official Collectors Edition SWWeekly 1978 UK

1978. Star Wars Weekly N° 2

UK. The Mighty World Of Marvel. 1978.

1978. Star Wars Weekly

UK. The Mighty World Of Marvel. 1978.

1978. Star Wars Special / Star Wars Weekly

UK. The Mighty World Of Marvel. 1978.

1978. Star Wars Weekly New Planets

UK. The Mighty World Of Marvel. 1978.

1978. Denys Fisher Model Kit Competition


Palitoy were very creative in their use of line drawings to advertise toys. A number of these adverts exist across various publications, some being quite quirky in nature, and often ‘narrated’ by C-3PO with help from R2-D2. The adverts cleverly introduced us to the new characters and toys by placing them directly into the stories and scenes of the adverts. Many of the adverts were created by renowned comic artist Brian Bolland, notable for titles such as Judge Dredd, Batman: The Killing Joke, Green Lantern, and others.

1979. Palitoy: “New from the Star Wars collection.”

Here we see our two favourite droids ‘walking us’ through various scenes illustrating some of the new play sets made available back in the UK in 1979.

Star Wars Weekly comic No 89 1979 Palitoy POST

1979. Palitoy: “Win a day at the filming of ESB!”

What an amazing prize this must have been for the Lucky winner who sent in the best drawing for ‘design a droid’. Even the runners-up prizes were not to be sniffed at for the sake of an hour or two sat at the table with paper and pens!

This 1979 advert – among many other Palitoy adverts – was designed by Brian Bolland.

Look In. 15. 1979. Star Wars Palitoy POST

C-3PO totes a blaster!

One of the things I really love about the ‘Win-a-day-at-the-filming-of-ESB’ advert (aside from seeing R2-D2 busily making his own painting of a droid!) is that we get to see C-3PO brandishing a huge f***off blaster!

C3PO guntotin

Threepio: Hand over the loot, suckas! Or these small toys will get it!!!


And check this out too… here we see R2-D2 totally not being afraid to call 3PO a “namby-pamby” despite his golden friend brandishing a blaster in a previous panel!!

Namby pamby?!? How dare you!!

Namby pamby?!? How dare you!!

1980. Palitoy: “Can the Empire ever be destroyed?”

Another line drawing advert from Palitoy, this time in the form of a short comic strip that cleverly highlighted new characters and vehicles available to buy in the toyline.

SW UK Palitoy Can the empire ever be saved 1980 POST

1980. Palitoy. Boba Fett offer.

1980. ESB Soundtracks. May the sound be with you.

Marvel TESB Weekly UK 122 1980 ESB Soundtracks POST

1980. ESB. Competition Page. 100 Records Must Be Won

UK. The Empire Strikes Back Weekly. 1980.

1980. ESB Cinema Ad

1980. ESB. The Star Wars Saga Continues

1980. 2000 AD and Tornado competition for Electronic Battle Command Games

1980. Dairylea Cheese TESB Action Transfers Offer

This advert for the Kraft Dairylea Action Transfers promotion also appeared in certain comics as a black and white version.

1980. Forbidden Planet – Dave Prowse and Anthony Daniels pay a visit!

UK. Starburst 22. 1980.

UK. Starburst 22. 1980.

1980. The Empire Strikes Back Weekly, The New-Look

1980. Starburst Magazine advert featuring ESB

Starbust mag ad Starburst 26 UK 1980

1981. Bradley Quartz watches for boys and girls!

This is a UK Zeon company mail order advert for Bradley Quartz watches. Bradley Quartz was one of only a handful of companies to produce Star Wars watches and clocks. 

SW UK Spiderman n Hulk Team up 1981 SW Wtaches POST

1982. Palitoy Action Displays

Four different Action Displays to collect by cutting out and sending off to Palitoy the character names from cardbacks.

SW Battle comic ESB Palii 4 Figure action stand 1982 POST

1982. Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back merchandise at Forbidden Planet 2

1983. ROTJ London Now Showing Cinema advert


1983. ROTJ Soundtrack

1983. 2000 AD Competition for ROTJ goodies

1983. ROTJ Vehicles

1983. ROTJ Full Colour Posters

Classic ROTJ-era images available as full colour posters to order from UK Cauldron Promotions. Advert copyrighted 1983 and published in 1984.

ROTJ magazine UK_Jan 18 1984_posters POST

1983. ROTJ Airfix model kits

SW Airfix Eagle 1983 UK POST

1983. ROTJ European-wide toy prizes competition

The following two adverts are the UK version of the 1983 european-wide competition to win Star Wars toys.

SW comp 1 Eagle 1983 UK a POST

SW comp 2 Eagle 1983 UK b POST

1983. Return of the Jedi Free Stickers, Eagle Comics

1983. Return of the Jedi Free Album and Stickers, Eagle Comics

1983. Return of the Jedi Free Album and Stickers, 2000 AD Comics

Palitoy Return of the Jedi colour art adverts

The Return of the Jedi-era saw some excellent colour Palitoy adverts which were used to inform the customer of special offers and promotions. There was even a painting competition to win more than 3,000 prizes! These ones are among of my favourite Palitoy adverts.

1983. Palitoy Chewbacca Bandolier Special Offer

This ad for the Chewbacca Bandolier is copyrighted 1983 and published in 1984.

rotj-magazine-uk_sept-28-1984_pali-chewie-bandolier-post new

Variation of the above advert

1984. ROTJ Painting Competition

ROTJ magazine UK_July 18 1984_Pali paint comp with Rebo POST

1984. Emperor Offer

SW Palitoy ROTJ Emperor Offer 1984 POST

1984. Rancor Keeper Offer

ROTJ magazine UK_Sept 1 1984_Keep a Rancor free POST

1984. Got the munchies? Dairy Time Yoghurts

In 1984, UK company Dairy Time presented an offer to collect and send away the tops from their yoghurt cartons to redeem against a number of Star Wars items such as stationery and watches.

ROTJ magazine UK_Jan 18 1984_Yoghurt POST

1984. Waddington jigsaw competition

Design a spaceship and win a Waddington jigsaw – complete with poster!

ROTJ magazine UK_Sept 1 1984_Design a spaceship POST

1984. ROTJ newsagent advert

A 1984 advert instructing us to “tear off” to our nearest newsagent for our copy of Return of the Jedi Winter Special!

ROTJ magazine UK_Jan 18 1984_newsagent ad POST

1988. Ewoks and Droids on VHS

Thanks for looking! More images to be added!

Originally published by TVTA 2013. Scans made by TVTA from own collection. Last updated with new images September 2020.

New adverts: Transformers, Doctor Who, and a misspelled Spider-Man advert!

From the UK, a very cool 1986 Transformers ad, along with two Doctor Who ads from 1984, and a misspelled Spider-Man advert from 1984! 

UK. Return of the Jedi comic. 1986.

UK. Return of the Jedi comic. 1986.

UK. Return of the Jedi comic. 1984.

UK. Return of the Jedi comic. 1984.

UK. Return of the Jedi comic. 1984.

UK. Return of the Jedi comic. 1984.

UK. Return of the Jedi comic. 1984. Note the word 'competition' has been misspelled. Competition, a word that is likely to be misspelt 3 out of every 10 ten times it is used in advertising publications. (taken from the Advertising Falsehoods Bible 2036)

UK. Return of the Jedi comic. 1984. Note the word ‘competition’ has been misspelled. Competition, a word that is likely to be misspelt 3 out of every 10 ten times it is used in advertising publications. (taken from the Advertising Falsehoods Bible 2036)