Latest ads – 1970s to 1990s

Greetings vintage mates! TVTA is pleased to present an international selection of print advertising featuring toys, games, bicycles and other goodies, as seen in the pages of comics and catalogues between 1977 and 1998.

Ricochet Racers and superhero shields. The Superhero Book Of Goodies. 1977. US.

Lotte / Petra dolls. Anders 20. 1978. Denmark.

The Bridgenorth Stamp Company. Anders 20. 1978. Denmark.

Raleigh Ultra Burner BMX. Autumn Bargains 1986. UK.

Dream Girl USA. Speelboom Club Journal 2. 1987. Netherlands.

Dream Girl USA. De Speelboom NĀ°3. 1987. Netherlands.

Exin Basket. Exin Catalogue. 1988. Spain.

Ertl Toy Tools. Dad’s Little Helper. 1990.

Ertl Toy Tools. Dad’s Little Helper. Drill playset. 1990.

Extreme Dinosaurs.
Mattel 1998 Maroquinerie et Papeterie catalogue. France.

Oui-Oui (Noddy). Mattel 1998 Maroquinerie et Papeterie catalogue. France.

Oui-Oui (Noddy). Mattel 1998 Maroquinerie et Papeterie catalogue. France.

As always, thanks for looking!

14 thoughts on “Latest ads – 1970s to 1990s

  1. Hey Mr. TVTA, hope you’re keeping well. It feels like an age since I’ve done the rounds on good ol’ WordPress.

    More nice finds here! Liking the filmy “water” on that Lotte presentation;’ a simple touch which makes it much more enticing. I always liked it when the catalogues made an effort presenting water vehicles. Really got the imagination going. And that Extreme Dinosaurs gear looks really cool too!

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    • Well hey Mr Jacob good sir! Nice to see you to see you, nice (shamelessly nicks one of Mr Forsythe’s catchphrases there šŸ˜Š).

      Yes, keeping well, hope you are too. You’re right about the water design on the Lotte ad, very inventive. In fact, I tip my hat to many of the vintage toy manufacturers who went to great lengths in presenting their products via exceptional photography tricks to make such dioramas! Love it.

      Was pleased to finally get an ad for Extreme Dinosaurs šŸ˜Ž

      See ya soon on the good ol’ WordPress, ay!

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      • Lol, perhaps it’s another amazing impression desperate to come out… Poetry Corner with Brucie and Brenda! šŸ˜‰ Coincidentally, BBC4 showed a 90s Generation Game hosted by Mr Forsythe on Saturday night – I put it on pretty much just to hear that catchphrase, but then they made a 73-year old and her grandson try some majorette baton twirling thing šŸ˜‚ Great laugh!

        Good to hear all is well šŸ™‚ And definitely; I always wanted those toys a little bit more, so going to those extra lengths paid off.


  2. Hi TVTA, another great batch of images. That Spider-Man Ricochet Racer ad is interesting as I had the spider web jump ramp but not the launcher. However fast forward a few years and I found out that NERF have a similar toy that launches model cars called the “Nitro Launcher”
    And Mrs Tyeth likes the Raleigh Ultra Burner ad because she owns a red and yellow Raleigh Burner herself (just needs some new inner tubes and a general maintenance MOT).

    p.s. My package arrived and it is amazing! I’ll send you a sneak peek when I get some pics done ok!

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    • Hi FT. Thanks. Fair play to Mrs Tyeth for getting a red and yellow Burner. One of my brothers had a blue and yellow Burner back in the day, and it was very good looking.

      That’s so cool Nerf made a model car-launching weapon – bet that’s a lot of fun!

      Glad your parcel arrived in time šŸ˜Š Cheers!

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