What the heck is that? SSP: Super Sonic Power from Kenner!

Toy giant Kenner produced many great toys over the years, such as the Bionic Man and Woman, Star Wars, Duke the Super Action Dog, and the Daddy Saddle

Yet, none of these prepared me for the greatness which awaited when I finally came across these 1970s ads for Kenner’s gyro-powered Super Sonic Power (SSP) line, featuring the Rockin’ Rick Stunt Cycle Show and the Herk Action Stunt Set.

Oh boy!

“What the heck is that?”

US. The Unexpected. 1972.

US. The Unexpected. 1972.

It’s Rockin’ Rick! He’s a posable wild rider!

US. The Twilight Zone. 1976.

US. The Twilight Zone. 1976.

Vantastic Vader!

Kenner didn’t miss a trick by linking their Star Wars license with their SSP line, plus the craze for customised vans – by proudicing the fantastic SSP Star Wars Van Set…

Star Wars SSP van set. 1978. US.

SSP Racers

Kenner’s SSP as seen in the early 1970s!

Kenner SSP Racers. Weird War Tales N°1. 1971.

SSP Racers. Weird War Tales N°1. 1971. Detail.

SSP in 1997, the SSP Pro Series

SSP. More Fun From Kenner catalogue. 1997. US.

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