A TVTA Special.

Presenting… the Man of Steel, Superman print adverts spanning the 1970s to present day. Superman toys, games, food promotions, films, comics – all from the collection of TVTA. Enjoy!

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Supermobile Saber – Inspired by Corgi Toys Die Cast Model


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Hello Everybody…..Is it a bird?….Is it a plane?…..No it’s a new saber! Yes as you might have guessed from the image and quote we are visiting the realm of Superheroes and in particular….Superman! This is another…

Superman: Action Comics #1 advert from 1974

In 1938 it cost just 10 cents… Last year a copy of it sold for a comic book record of 3.2 million dollars. This 1974 advert illustrates nicely the excitement that has always surrounded the famous Action Comics #1 since its original publication.

US. Tales of Mystery. 1974.

US. Tales of Mystery. 1974.


Cover of Action Comics 1 Jun 1938 DC Comics Joe Shuster and Jack Adler

Cover of Action Comics 1 Jun 1938 DC Comics Joe Shuster and Jack Adler

Action Comics #1, featuring the first appearance of Superman, is the most valuable comic book in history and has consistently nabbed headlines.

To date it holds the ‘most valuable’ record since smashing it’s way past the 3 million dollar mark when sold on eBay on August 4th, 2014 for the sum of US$3,207,852.