Pocketeers… mechanical handheld retro gaming

Pocketeers Pitfall game. UK. 1979.

Pocketeers mechanical games were produced by the Palitoy company in the UK from 1975. Based on the original Japanese Tomy Pocket Games, each Pocketeer was a themed puzzle or challenge contained within a sturdy plastic casing. The games functioned by operating a variety of levers, springs, cogs, ball bearings and trapdoors.

These pocket-size fun games were rather like mechanical precursors to electronic handheld games like the Nintendo Game and Watch, and later the Gameboy. At our school, Pocketeers were popular because of the “Three Ts” – portabiliTy, collectabiliTy and swappabiliTy 😁

UK. Star Wars Weekly. 1979.

Pocketeers Big Match. UK. 1979.

UK. Star Wars Weekly. 1979.

Pocketeers Casino and Letterbox. UK. 1979.

UK. Marvel Comic April 1979.

Pocketeers Rat-a-Tat. UK. 1979.

Pocketeers France. In France the games were known collectively as Mini-jeux and were distributed by the Meccano company.

France. Pif Gadget. 1979.

French Mini-Jeux Pocketeers. France. 1979.

France. Castors Juniors. 1979.

French Mini-Jeux Pocketeers. France. 1979.

Pocketeers Germany. This 1982 German advert shows the Tomy license. The advert also shows Tomy’s ‘Funny Bowling’ game.

Pocketeers. Germany. 1982.

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