Thriller Classics 1000 piece jigsaw!

I couldn’t resist buying this jigsaw puzzle collage of classic thrillers posters. The images and graphics were a ‘thrill’ to complete, as well as to personally tick-off the films I’d actually seen… plus any of their remakes!

The hardest part was the central King Kong image. The easiest part was making the film titles. The puzzle is made by Clementoni of Italy, and comprises sturdy pieces with quality printing. Chapeau to the artist who created the collage! I love the inclusion of the Clark bar and Milky Way chocolates, the 3D glasses, and King Kong with his popcorn!

How many of these thriller classics have you seen? And how about their later remakes, or film and TV inspired by them?

Thanks for looking 😎

A random selection of jigsaw puzzles published in the 1970s to present

Vintage advert: Mousline Instant Mashed Potato Jigsaw Puzzle Promotion. 1979. France.

Greetings vintage mates. Presenting, a random selection of jigsaw puzzles direct from the collection of TVTA. The first (below) is Disney’s The Rescuers, produced by Nathan in 1978. The completed 12-piece puzzle measures 108 cm long (approx 42 inches) and runs almost the entire length of my editing desk.

Puzzle-Frise. Bernard et Bianca / The Rescuers. 12 Large Piece Puzzle. 1978. Nathan. France.

Below: an early-school puzzle featuring farm-themed figures and objects, with six images to complete.

Silhouettes. 6 puzzles. 1979. Ravensburger. Made in Spain.

Below: Three Star wars puzzles. The first two are 1978 Kenner original-trilogy puzzles, with the “Luke and Droids” version unopened and still sealed. The third is a Hasbro Episodes I to VI puzzle.

Star Wars Luke and Droids 140 piece Jigsaw Puzzle. 1977. Kenner. US.
Star Wars Spave Battle 500 piece Jigsaw Puzzle.1977. Kenner. US.
Star Wars Episodes I to VI 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle. 2015. Ravensburger. Made in Germany.

Where’s Wally? / Ou est Charlie?

The famous striped jersey and beanie hat-wearing elusive Wally is known as ‘Charlie’ here in France.

Ou Est Charlie? / Where’s Wally? 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle from Nathan under license by Ravensburger.
A detailed image for those wishing to find Wally… click pic to enlarge.

Below: Disney scenes 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle. 2010. Ravensburger. Made in Germany.

Disney scenes 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle. 2010. Ravensburger. Made in Germany.

Below: Mr Men and Little Miss 45 piece puzzle.

Mr Men and Little Miss 45 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle. 2010. MB Puzzles. France.

Below: Looney Tunes Dance 48 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle and poster. McDonald’s promotion. 2022. Pirouette Cacahouette. France.

Arrow Games jigsaw puzzles. C1978.

Arrow Games jigsaw puzzles. Arbois toy catalogue. France C1978.

As always, thanks for looking!

Kellogg’s jigsaw puzzles from YWOW Games

Produced by YWOW GAMES in 2020 and under licence from the Kellog Company, these six collectable jigsaw puzzles depict the classic Kellogg’s cereal designs of Cornflakes, Frosties, Coco Pops, Special K, Crunchy Nut and Rice Krispies. Each 50-piece jigsaw comes with a mini poster.

TVTA has been collecting these since the beginning of 2022, and is now pleased to have completed the set. Enjoy the images, as we tuck into a nice bowl of Frosties and declare… They’re Grrreat!

DC Superheroes fast food 3D jigsaw puzzles

DC 3D Puzzles by Eugy, Dodoland. 2022. France.

Greetings vintage mates, your intrepid editor here at TVTA has not long returned from emergency surgery on the abdomen… so what better way to celebrate a recovery post with some gut-busting fast food chain merchandise from McDonalds!

Presenting, DC superheroes 3D jigsaw puzzles. McDo, at least here in France, has stopped giving away plastic collectables with its Happy Meals in an effort to combat plastic pollution. A good move. Toys now included in their meal deals are made from recyclable paper or card.

Throughout April, McDo has been offering 3D DC character standee figurines, but made of card, and you have to construct them similar to the way you might make a 3D jigsaw puzzle.

Let’s see what TVTA managed to get its post-op, greasy little fingers on…

DC 3D Puzzles by Eugy, Dodoland. Cyborg, Robin, Catwoman and Supergirl..2022. France.
DC 3D Puzzles by Eugy, Dodoland. Catwoman. 2022. France.
DC 3D Puzzles by Eugy, Dodoland. Catwoman pieces. 2022. France.
DC 3D Puzzles by Eugy Dodoland. Ace the dog. 2022. France.
DC 3D Puzzles by Eugy Dodoland. Cyborg reverse box. 2022. France.

Thanks for looking 😎

Camberwick Green – Jigbits

“It’s a quiet afternoon in Camberwick Green and a large group has gathered under the tree….”

Camberwick Green Jigbits 1977

Camberwick Green Jigbits 1977

Camberwick Green is a UK stop motion animation show for children that first aired on BBC1 in 1966.

Today’s toy spotlight features a 64 piece double-sided ‘jigbit’ set made by Kiddicraft in 1977. This slot-together jigsaw puzzle features characters such as Windy Miller, Mrs Honeyman and her baby, PC McGarry, Dr Mopp and Packet the dog among other well-known characters from the show. Each brightly-coloured cardboard piece assembles together to create 3D miniature standees. This is a wonderful and charming little set that has held up very nicely condition-wise since its release in 1977.

the Camberwick Green crew gathering 1977

the Camberwick Green crew gathering 1977

Camberwick Green this is how we break it down

Camberwick Green this is how we break it down

Camberwick Green "I don't need no doctor"

Camberwick Green “I don’t need no doctor”