Catalogs of Yesterday

Reblog post. Check out these cool Air Raiders catalogue scans from fellow WP blogger Airlandia Some of those dioramas are absolutely stunning, and there are a few bonus pics from other toylines too.

Air Raiders

I love finding old advertisements and catalog pictures of the toys I collected when I was a kid. I have fond memories of flipping through the big heavy catalogs from Sears and JC Penney; they were huge, more like telephone books. I kept cutouts from the Toys ‘R Us and Child World toy flyers that came in the newspaper, waiting to put them to use around my birthday and Christmas. Here’s what I’ve been able to dig up so far on the Air Raiders. Hopefully I can find more someday.

The Toys R Us catalog is below. What’s interesting is unlike the other catalogs, TRU never bothered to make any terrain or set pieces. Granted they created their ads on a much more frequent basis than the department stores so that alone could explain why.


The Sears catalog, what a cool looking background and I love the scenery they put…

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