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Monopoly is a board game popular around the world. It’s origins can be traced back to 1903 when American Elizabeth J. Magie Phillips designed her game called The Landlord’s Game. By 1933 the game was being developed by the Parker Brothers and became known by its present day name of Monopoly.

The game has many variants, a World Championship, and is licensed in more than a hundred countries. Special editions range from numerous world country and city themes, sporting clubs, bass fishing, Barbie, Coca-Cola, to film and TV tie-ins such as Lord of the Rings, Spongebob Squarepants, Star wars, Scooby-Doo, 007, Doctor Who, and dozens, dozens more!

Pif 682 1982 Monopoly par MiroMeccanwmwm

France. Pif Gagdet. 1982.

Monopoly. 1979 Miro-Meccano catalogue page.

Monopoly. 1979 Miro-Meccano catalogue page.