Subvertising: If you’re gonna look, then look again…

Art by Matt Bonner

Art by Lindsay Grime

Art by Michelle Tylicki

What is subvertising? Broadly, it is the art of making spoof advertisements from corporate and political actors with the aim of making the public think of the damage caused by those actors. The term was coined in 1991 by the cultural critic Mark Dery, and is a portmanteau of the words subvert and advertising.

Subvertising can take place physically on our high streets, with billboards hi-jacked to give an alternative message. They can also appear digitally as memes and spoof political slogans.

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So much style! Pénéla N°14 and 15, 1968.

Pénéla was a monthly women’s lifestyle magazine published in France throughout the 1960s and 1970s. The magazine was presented in a library format and was dedicated to fashion, style, beauty, home and garden decor, cooking and the arts. Alongside the many wonderful photos found inside a typical issue, Pénéla featured artist illustrations to accompany famous poems, quotes and short stories.

TVTA is pleased to present selected images from issues N°14 and N°15 from 1968, as part of an ongoing series of Pénéla.


Illustration by Coline. Pénéla No 14. June 1968.

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just say no to Dot

Six Sentence Stories is a weekly writers’ challenge hosted by Denise at Girlie on the Edge. This week’s prompt word is: BAND

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Paris 22: The World of Banksy – the immersive experience

I’ll let the images speak for themselves, other than to say what better chance to see a ‘collected works’ of the artist Bansky than this immersive experiece exhibition, which I attended in Montmartre, Paris this August.

Kudos to the design team in replicating Banksy’s art with a degree of atmosphere… the moody lighting, the props of litter, abandoned spray cans, flowers and candles, the sound of sirens and helicopters – just as if you were strolling along some dark street or alley and came across his work by chance.

Enjoy 😀

Banksy. A wall is a very big weapon…

Banksy. Mobile phone lovers.

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