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Welcome to The Vintage Toy Advertiser 🙂

TVTA’s mission is to digitally showcase 20th century advertising and other printed materials which have helped shape pop culture – from toys, to books, to film, to music, to comics, video games, fashion, food, drink, and much more! Our aim is to serve as an excellent free digital archive and resource for those seeking retro thrills, nostalgia, childhood memories and pop culture history.

TVTA began life in 2010 as a French blog documenting French toy adverts. In 2011 the site moved to its current WordPress home. The site soon expanded to include international printed adverts and catalogues that went beyond toys; showcasing a multitude of items under the umbrella of pop culture. In recent years TVTA has posted items from its personal collection, bringing you quality images of not just the adverts but the actual things advertised!

New to TVTA! Like what you see on the site? Looking for an image for your project or personal collection? Now you can order from our archive an original, high-quality digital scan of your favourite image sent directly to your device! Also available are limited quantities of original print adverts and catalogues.

To order – enquire at: thevintagetoyadvertiser@zoho.com

TVTA is: Ford (Editor) and Wooof (Office Cat extraordinaire).

Thanks to: Jaltesorensen (our special agent in Denmark) and Zerocal (our special agent in Brazil).

Disco-claimer: All images within this site are scanned or photographed from the personal collection of The Vintage Toy Advertiser (TVTA) unless otherwise stated. Site content ©TVTA. Images and company/brand logos belong to the relevant enterprises. TVTA aims to serve as an excellent digital archive and resource for vintage printed materials. TVTA does its best to provide accurate information and whenever possible uses information direct from the official site of the featured enterprise. Splellning mistkes courtsey of Wooof. Peace and love. Always let the Wookie win. Be nice to Ewoks.  

41 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Dear Ford – I am hoping you still receive these notifications! 🙂 I’m Agnes from the website fleurdolls.com, where I am building a new home for my great passion – Dutch Fleur dolls of the 1980s. I have seen several Fleur adverts on your blog – do you have more in your magical big books I saw in your blog archive? I would be delighted to pay for access to them or use on my website. Please let me know, thank you so much! Toys forever! I am always nice to Ewoks.

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    • Hi Agnes. Yes, I’m still here. That’s great news you’re building a new home devoted to Fleur dolls!
      The only adverts I have at the moment are the ones you can see on my site entry for Fleur.
      Here are some options for you if you need those images:
      1) You can use them for free on your site as they appear, but they are not large size scans and have my watermark on them, and if you do use them you will need to link to my site just as a courtesy.
      2) I can send you good-quality, original and un-watermarked scans of these at a small cost, and they are yours to do with as you please.
      3) I can send you the originals as they appear in their toy catalogues, but this would prove expensive to buy plus to ship, as although the catalogues are small they are heavy.
      Have a think and let me know. You can email me at: thevintagetoyadvertiser@zoho.com
      And yes, toys forever! 😍
      Best, Ford


  2. Are you Ford? I think you are.
    I’ve begun to block in my Art Gowns, Barbie, Shiaparelli post. The gown will be finished tomorrow, then the shoot.
    So, I will be talking a bit about TVTA blog, and linking to your blog in general, and the Barbie category, specifically.
    Should I only credit TVTA?
    Or, Ford at TVTA? Or? Let me know!

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  3. Greetings TVTA! I have just discovered you have visited my blog and checked out my post dedicated to “thegreenonionblog.com” Thank you so much for calling in and leaving the like and follow. I have had a quick glance at your Star Wars section and was instantly reminded of my childhood days, I had the Sy Snootles/Max Rebo Band set too (and as I’m a keyboard player I thought Max Rebo was an awesome figurine) Thanks again and I’ll return to see a few more of your 1622 ads!

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    • Greetings For Tyeth! Love what you did with Green’s saber and your other designs too. That’s cool you’re a keyboard player. Max Rebo is a fave figure of mine along with the rest of the band. Wish Kenner had made a Cantina band too! I play drums, though not in a band atm. Look forward to reading your upcoming posts!

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      • Thank you very much, I was pleased how Green’s saber turned out (I was a little lucky with my “Force” vision guessing the type of knife he used!). I think the only drawback with a Cantina Band set would be they only know one song! I shall be returning as often as I can to see your posts too, and thanks again.

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  4. Hi The Vintage Toys Advertiser !
    Thank you for your work. I did not know your work until I search for a 1985 toy ad. I scan and share too 75 to 95 toys ads on Flickr (Nhtpirate) and I like seing that people think to other people with taking time to scanning ads and share them.
    Good continuation !

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    • Hi Nathalie ! Thank you for visiting and for your comment. I have just looked at your Nhtpirate site and what can I say… wow ! I am in paradise with all these 70s/80s French toy images 🙂 Can I put a link to your site on my site please ? Will visit often.
      Keep up the superb work and thanks for showing me your site !
      Ford, TVTA.


  5. Really fun site! Enjoyed our trade for the Superhelten and Adventure Man scans! Looking forward to your upcoming themes!


    • Thanks! I just made a link to your site – you have some really cool 80s stuff. I like the MOTU sticker book you just added. Also loved the Count Chockula cereals, Donkey Kong Jnr books, the Polonez RC car and that Compurobot just rocks!


  6. Hello ! congratulations for this great site with so many cool documents ! I’m myself writter of two books dedicated to vintage toys advertisements. The Star Wars French Connection and The History of French Toys Advertisements. Go check on Amazon if you like. See and visit you very soon !


    • Salut Geoffrey, merci pour les mots gentil. I’m familiar with some of your excellent Playmo custom work. Your large dioramas are outstanding! I really like your Apocalypse Now, Star Wars and Aliens creations – funny how even when a Playmo figurine has a chest-bursting Alien experience he still keeps his smile 🙂 I will hope to check out at least one of your books soon – and will also make a blog link to your site here on TVTA. Best, Ford.


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