Jesus Kitsch! Another Sunday flea-market 7 inch haul.

Jesus Kitsch. Dalida. Sonopresse. 1972. France.

Jesus Kitsch. Why? Because Dalida says so. This post is dedicated to my good blogging buddy Jeanine AKA BeKitschig. Why? Because the 7 inch vinyl records I found at my latest Flea Market visit are all a bit kitschy. And kitsch is cool. And we all need some good music to kitsch out to!

Jesus Kitsch. Why? Because Dalida says so. Don’t believe me…

Told you. Next up… Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime by The Korgis. Crazy cover art. Dreamy song. Anyone else think that Air’s ‘Playground Love’ from The Virgin Suicides is so similar to this?

Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime. The Korgis. 1980 Rialto Records. France.

Next… Carousel Waltz by Jo Boyer and his Orchestra, from the film Carousel.

Carousel. Jo Boyer. Philips Minigroove. 1957. France.

Next… Mexican Corn. Herb Alpert’s Tijuana Brass.

Mexican Corn. Herb Alpert’s Tijuana Brass. EMI. 1963. UK.

Next… It’s French entertainment legend Chantal Goya riding a pelican, in a style not unsimilar to the kid in The Neverending Story riding Falcor the Luck Dragon, or Jon Snow and Daenrys riding dragons in Game of Thrones. I choose life, I choose pelicans, because my mate is a pelican!

Mon Ami Le Pelican. Chantal Goya. RCA. 1979. France.

Next… Heidi!

Is Heidi kitsch? Maybe she is, maybe not. Only you can decide. Use your powers of kitsch-judgement to discover! My mind is already made up, so is our intrepid office cat Wooof, who is currently dressed as a little lamb and skipping about the scanning room, singing:

Halala hidi, halala hidiHalala hidi, halala hidiHalala hidi, halala hidiHalala hidi, halala hidiHalala di hadi hadi haldihaha

Heidi. Sang by Danielle Licari. Disques Adès. 1980. France.

Next, and lastly… is ABBA kitsch?

Why, dear vintage mates, if ABBA isn’t Kitsch, then something surely must have been in the air that night!

Fernando. ABBA. Melba. 1976. France.

Thanks for reading, listening, smiling and kitsching about with us 😎😍🤩

For more kitsch, skedaddle on over to BeKitschig.

Retro Fashions You Cannot Afford To Be Without This Winter! Plus, FREE WordPress “writing prompt” tee-shirts at only $9.99 a pop!

Nasa Flight Suit by Watkin Jackets. Starlog N°65. 1982. US.

Worried about winter heating VS winter eating? Can’t afford to doff your cap to your government’s winter-survival-best-laid-plans-thinktank-advice? Maybe, like me, right now, you’re wearing two tee-shirts and two hoodies and a scarf, while sitting at your desk/studio and wondering: why am I working fulltime yet can’t afford to pay my bills…

Fear not, vintage mates… TVTA brings you some super cool retro fashions to warm the cockles of your chilled bone marrow as winter takes it bite while fat cat fat pigs the world over get richer at the milk bowl and feeding trough. Burrrrp! And at least we have WordPress to offer us writing prompts if ever we are too hungry or cold to think of an idea ourselves! 

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Latest ads – 1970s to 1990s

Greetings vintage mates! TVTA is pleased to present an international selection of print advertising featuring toys, games, bicycles and other goodies, as seen in the pages of comics and catalogues between 1977 and 1998.

Ricochet Racers and superhero shields. The Superhero Book Of Goodies. 1977. US.

Lotte / Petra dolls. Anders 20. 1978. Denmark.

The Bridgenorth Stamp Company. Anders 20. 1978. Denmark.

Raleigh Ultra Burner BMX. Autumn Bargains 1986. UK.

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Thriller Classics 1000 piece jigsaw!

I couldn’t resist buying this jigsaw puzzle collage of classic thrillers posters. The images and graphics were a ‘thrill’ to complete, as well as to personally tick-off the films I’d actually seen… plus any of their remakes!

The hardest part was the central King Kong image. The easiest part was making the film titles. The puzzle is made by Clementoni of Italy, and comprises sturdy pieces with quality printing. Chapeau to the artist who created the collage! I love the inclusion of the Clark bar and Milky Way chocolates, the 3D glasses, and King Kong with his popcorn!

How many of these thriller classics have you seen? And how about their later remakes, or film and TV inspired by them?

Thanks for looking 😎

Don’t forget to book your hair appointment!

Now you will never forget your monthly hair appointments with this handy Hairdressing Diary!*

*Time travel machine with coordinates set to 1967 required.

TVTA is pleased to present the pages of Agenda Coiffure 1967, a freebie given away by selected hairdressers to customers to remind them when to pencil-in their upcoming hair appointments.

There is no publishing info on the calendar, and my best guess is that some company provided these to outlets with the option to stamp their business details on the back cover.

My top-three favourite hairstyle models throughout the year is Miss December, Miss October and Miss September. Which is your favourite hairstyle?

Below. Loose translation: “This 1967 hairdressing calendar is strictly personal. It allows you to note the date and hour of your hairdressing appointments throughout 1967”. Introducing: Miss January.

Below. Miss February and Miss March.

Below. Miss April and Miss May.

Below. Miss June and Miss July.

Below. Miss August and Miss September.

Below. Miss October and Miss November.

Below. Miss December.

Below. Hairdresser’s business stamp. Mr Paul Tardy of Coiffure Dames, Chambery. Best wishes for the New Year.

That’s all folks. Thank you for blowdrying with us!