Streets of Rage Perfect Soundtrack by Yuzo Koshiro

Streets of Rage Perfect Soundtrack by Yuzo Koshiro. Licensed by Sega. Wayo Records. 2017.

Streets of Rage is a classic ‘beat ’em up’ video game developed and published by Sega in 1991. The acclaimed soundtrack for the game was composed by Yuzo Koshiro who was hugely influenced by electronic dance music, in particular techno and house music of the early 90s which had yet to make its breakthrough in his native Japan. Koshiro hoped that the soundtrack would have appeal to the Western gaming market.

Streets of Rage Perfect Soundtrack by Yuzo Koshiro is a CD soundtrack reprint that came with the November 2017 French Wootbox subscription. The CD contains all of the game’s compositions as well as unreleased tracks by Koshiro that never made it into the finished game. The CD comes with delicious artwork across a more than impressive six page gate fold sleeve. As for the songs… I’ve had this thing on repeat all afternoon and still can’t get enough. If sharp, punchy, catchy, groovy 90s electronica for action games is your bag then this is the soundtrack for you. 

Words from Yuzo …

The November 2017 Wootbox container ‘Fighting’ theme.

And finally, my 1991 Streets of Rage advert … 

Groo. 1991. US. Sega Streets of Rage.

SEGA video games system


Sega Eternal Champions. Die Cut N°4. 1994. US.

Founded in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1940 as Service Games, later renamed SEGA and famous for Sonic the Hedgehog, the Master System and MegaDrive.

One of my favourite MegaDrive games was Altered Beast. Long gone are the days when I still had my console but I somehow managed to keep hold of this game.

Altered Beast. 1990.

Altered Beast. 1990.

Sega print advertising

Sega video games. US. Strange Tales. 1988.

Sega Street Fighter II. Die CutN°4. 1994. US.

Sega Lethal Enforcers gun. Die Cut N°4. 1994. US.

Sega Super High Impact. Detective Comics N°651. 1992.

Sega Streets of Rage. Groo. 1991. US.

Streets of Rage Perfect Soundtrack by Yuzo Koshiro. Licensed by Sega. Wayo Records. 2018.

Sega Fighters Megamix Crimson Dawn 1 1997

Sega Fighters Megamix. Crimson Dawn. 1997.

EA Sega Air Force F22 Interceptor in-game poster

Sega Burning Rangers. The Young All-Stars N°9. 1988.

Thanks for looking, we’re still waiting for a Sonic ad to crop up somewhere!

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