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Barbie bags and stationery – the 1998 Mattel France Maroquinerie et Papeterie catalogue

Front cover. Mattel 1998 Maroquinerie et Papeterie catalogue.

The Mattel France 1998 Maroquinerie et Papeterie catalogue (leather goods and stationery) was aimed at school kids and featured carrying bags suitable for the school term as well as stationery items such as exercise books, folders, pens, pencils, and erasers. In addition, Mattel France offered a range of leisure bags suitable for the weekend when school was out.

TVTA is pleased to present the scans showing the Barbie range. The catalogue also features accessories for the characters Batman & Robin, Superman, Babar, Polly Pocket, Noddy, and Extreme Dinosaurs – the scans of which will be coming soon to TVTA!

In the meantime, here’s 1998’s Barbie school accessories…

Mattel 1998 Maroquinerie et Papeterie catalogue. Barbie.

Mattel 1998 Maroquinerie et Papeterie catalogue. Barbie.

Mattel 1998 Maroquinerie et Papeterie catalogue. Barbie.

Mattel 1998 Maroquinerie et Papeterie catalogue. Barbie.

Mattel 1998 Maroquinerie et Papeterie catalogue. Barbie.

Media Plan 1998 featuring Barbie. Mattel 1998 Maroquinerie et Papeterie catalogue.

Thank you for carrying our school bags with us 🙂

The drinks are on TVTA!

Orangina 60s and 70s promotional bottles.

The ultimate in liquid container refreshment satisfaction! Are you prepared for the greatest drinking sensation of the decade? Let TVTA take you on a trip to tackle your thirst. Bottoms up! Santé! Tchin Tchin! Cheers!

Once more TVTA hits the spot as we feature a cool cache of collectable beverage bottles guaranteed to make you thirsty!

That’s collectable!

Many of the bottles and glasses you are about to see are promotional or limited edition designs and have become, or will become, collectable.

Take these Orangina ‘decades’ bottles, which kick off our post… an ideal fit for TVTA as they span the decades we regularly blog about.

Glug, glug, glug! Perfect!

Orangina 80s, 90s and 2000s promotional bottles. France.



French Coca-Cola promotional bottles. Disneyland Paris 25 years and Coca-Cola 125 years.

UK. 1979.


It’s a pelican thing!

Pelforth promotional bottles with art by Kylab.

TVTA’s new, favourite beer is Pelforth Pelican beer – a northern French beverage with a most agreeable taste and a pleasant kick. The limited edition label designs for these 2019 bottles are a celebration of northern French culture by Lillois artist and designer Kylab

There are eight different label designs to collect, and it only took us five cases to complete the run (being the completist collectors that we are… and -hic- a most pleasant way to enjoy archiving 🙂 )

Pelforth Pelican limited edition bottle labels by Kylab. 2019. France.


TVTA alternative reality editor and alternative reality office cat Wooof indulge in last moment glass bottle of Dubonnet. Hurrah! Cheers vintage mates!

Quinquina Dubonnet par Cheret 1896

Thirsty thirst!

Star Wars Promotions

A selection of mineral water bottles, soft drinks, and mustard glasses featuring Star Wars characters.

Star Wars Volvic mineral water bottles. France.

Star Wars Volvic mineral water bottles. France.

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Smurfs Kinder Suprise ‘En Ville’ collection

Les Schtroumpfs En Ville Kinder Surprise.

I recently finished another Kinder Surprise Chocolate Egg Smurfs collection, having grabbed the final two figures I needed from a well known online auction site. The collection is called En Ville (in the city) and features our favourite blue friends in city character costumes. The collection premiered in the summer of 2018 and is a nice addition to the other Kinder Smurfs I have.

Les Schtroumpfs En Ville Kinder Surprise.

Les Schtroumpfs En Ville Kinder Surprise.

Les Schtroumpfs En Ville Kinder Surprise.

Bonus Smurfs!

These aren’t from Kinder, they’re from McDonald’s fast food promotions, but they’re still pretty cool – especially the last set which came with little Smurf cottages!

The Smurfs McDonald’s figurines.

The Smurfs McDonald’s figurines.

The Smurfs. McDonald’s figurines and cottages.

The Smurfs. McDonald’s figurines and cottages.

Thank you for Smurfing along with us 🙂

I couldn’t leave without showing a handful of German catalogue pages for the original line of 1960s and onwards Smurfs figurines as made by Peyo. These were so cute, and I remember one of my younger brothers having a big collection of them.

Personalities with a Plus! Fabulous superstars of the 1980s

Queen frontman Freddie Mercury as featured in the 1983 Eagle Annual Personalities With a Plus!

In the early 1980s, British comic publication Eagle published a regular section in its comics and annuals called Personalities With A Plus! also known as Personality Plus. The section feratured profiles on popular sports, music, TV and film stars of the day, along with competitions and freebies to snag pop culture items such as cameras, bags, sports equipment, mugs, music, books, posters and more.

TVTA is pleased to present a selection of these personality profiles as found in Eagle publications dated between 1982 and 1983.

Olivia Newton-John as featured in Personalities With A Plus! Eagle Annual. 1983.

Christopher Reeve in Superman III as featured in Personality Plus. Eagle Comics. 1983.

Leonard Nimoy as Spock. Personality Plus. Eagle Comics. 1982.

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