Dutch Retro Part One

Presenting a new series of some of the coolest toys available in the 1980s as advertised in the Netherlands. Catalogue scans are from Dutch editions of Speelboom Club Journal, De Speelboom and Intertoys Speelboek. Enjoy 🙂

The Karate Kid, construction sets and robots. Speelboom Club Journal N°5. 1987.

Masters of the Universe. Speelboom Club Journal. 1987.

Playmobil. Speelboom Club Journal. 1987.

Lego. Speelboom Club Journal N°1. 1987.

Monchhichi. Speelbomm N°5. 1988.

My Little Pony. Speelboom Club Journal N°4. 1986.

Barbie. De Speelboom N°3. Nov. 1987.

Family Tree House. De Speelboom N°3. Nov 1987.

Hot Wheels. Speelboom Club Journal N°2. 1987.

Popples, Revell and Lego Technic. Speelboom Club Journal N°4. 1096.

Micro-Machines. Speelboom N°5. 1988.

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How to… Help Meatloaf

A brand new vintage post in a series of limited edition baseball and cigarette cards free only with your favourite cereal! Ten fantastic top tips on how to…

N°1 – How to help Meatloaf

1987. US.

N°2 – How to play Frogger at home

1984. US.

N°3 – How to get your free Lone Ranger Western Town

1982. US.

N°4 – How to get your Thrills, Spills and Chills

1979. UK.

N°5 – How to avoid alien abduction with The Thing and Hostess Fruit pies

1981. US.

N°6 – How to gain weight and learn unbeatable fighting power (sparkle edition)

N°7 – How to get Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Dinosaur stuff

1985. UK.

N°8 – How to help Adam Power

1984. US.

N°9 – How to get into the Zorcom Space Ship

1984. US.

N°10 – Wowie, zowie! How to spend Saturday Mornings

1979. US.

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