Jesus Kitsch! Another Sunday flea-market 7 inch haul.

Jesus Kitsch. Dalida. Sonopresse. 1972. France.

Jesus Kitsch. Why? Because Dalida says so. This post is dedicated to my good blogging buddy Jeanine AKA BeKitschig. Why? Because the 7 inch vinyl records I found at my latest Flea Market visit are all a bit kitschy. And kitsch is cool. And we all need some good music to kitsch out to!

Jesus Kitsch. Why? Because Dalida says so. Don’t believe me…

Told you. Next up… Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime by The Korgis. Crazy cover art. Dreamy song. Anyone else think that Air’s ‘Playground Love’ from The Virgin Suicides is so similar to this?

Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime. The Korgis. 1980 Rialto Records. France.

Next… Carousel Waltz by Jo Boyer and his Orchestra, from the film Carousel.

Carousel. Jo Boyer. Philips Minigroove. 1957. France.

Next… Mexican Corn. Herb Alpert’s Tijuana Brass.

Mexican Corn. Herb Alpert’s Tijuana Brass. EMI. 1963. UK.

Next… It’s French entertainment legend Chantal Goya riding a pelican, in a style not unsimilar to the kid in The Neverending Story riding Falcor the Luck Dragon, or Jon Snow and Daenrys riding dragons in Game of Thrones. I choose life, I choose pelicans, because my mate is a pelican!

Mon Ami Le Pelican. Chantal Goya. RCA. 1979. France.

Next… Heidi!

Is Heidi kitsch? Maybe she is, maybe not. Only you can decide. Use your powers of kitsch-judgement to discover! My mind is already made up, so is our intrepid office cat Wooof, who is currently dressed as a little lamb and skipping about the scanning room, singing:

Halala hidi, halala hidiHalala hidi, halala hidiHalala hidi, halala hidiHalala hidi, halala hidiHalala di hadi hadi haldihaha

Heidi. Sang by Danielle Licari. Disques Adès. 1980. France.

Next, and lastly… is ABBA kitsch?

Why, dear vintage mates, if ABBA isn’t Kitsch, then something surely must have been in the air that night!

Fernando. ABBA. Melba. 1976. France.

Thanks for reading, listening, smiling and kitsching about with us 😎😍🤩

For more kitsch, skedaddle on over to BeKitschig.

A Sunday Serving of Comic Book art and Collectable Coolness!

The Authority par Warren Ellis et Bryan Hitch. Art Bryan Hitch. Encrage Paul Neary. Semic Comics N°5. 2001. France.

Happy Sunday vintage mates! Presenting: DC, Marvel and Semic Comics scans from The Authority, Suicide Squad, Uncanny X-Men VS X-23, Odyssey of the Amazons, Lord of the Rings, and Marvel’s Megamorphs and Legends.

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Live long and prosper… with Playmobil Star Trek

Playmobil 71155 Star Trek the original series. Box front.

Never Mind The Adverts! Part 19.

Greetings vintage mates, and a happy New Year to you all. TVTA kicks off 2023 with this wonderful Playmobil homage to the original Star Trek series, featuring the figures of James T. Kirk, Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy and Lieutenant Uhura. Nothing else to say here except that I’m very pleased to add this cool toy to my collection. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves! Enjoy.

Playmobil 71155 Star Trek the original series. Box reverse.

Playmobil 71155 Star Trek the original series. Box detail.

Playmobil 71155 Star Trek the original series. Figures x4.

Thanks for looking 😊

TVTA Christmas selection box 2022 – the marvelous universe of toys!

Cover detail. Arbois toy catalogue. France. C1978.

Greetings vintage mates! It’s that time of year again when your humble TVTA editor and his intrepid office cat, Wooof, search high and yo-ho-ho low for some seasonal scans to warm the cockles of your Christmas heart!

So, sit back, slip on your Ewok slippers, grab a mince pie, and allow us to mull your wine and get figgy with your pudding, as TVTA presents you with some delightful toys and games from yesteryear courtesy of the French Arbois catalogue (no date printed on this catalogue, alas, but I’m staking the Christmas raffle on it being 1978! Wooof says it’s 1980… but I think he’s had one too many sherries and is meowing up the wrong Christmas tree. Furballs ahoy!). This Arbois catalogue features toys and games from the CEJI imports company.

Enjoy the scans. Have a very merry Christmas and a fruitful and creative New Year!


Below images: Action Joe figures. Action Joe (or Group Action Joe) is the French version of the UK’s Palitoy Action Man and the US’s Hasbro G.I. Joe. Alongside Lego and die cast cars, Action Man was the toy I had ‘the most of’. The below adverts bring back happy memories as I had almost all of the uniforms featured.

Action Joe parachute. Arbois toy catalogue. France C1978.

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Six New Rahan Adverts

Greetings vintage mates. Here are six Rahan print adverts I recently acquired to add to my main Rahan post. 

Rahan. Au Pays de L’etrange. Pif Gadget 593. 1980.

Rahan is a fictional lone-warrior who wanders prehistorical earth on a journey of self-discovery and to help others. He made his first appearance in February 1969 in the French comic book Pif Gadget then later went on to feature in his own albums. Such was the character’s popularity in France that an action figure was licensed by Group Action Joe (the French version of G.I. Joe / Action Man).

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