Star Wars


The best vintage Star Wars advertising and paperworks in the galaxy! Only at TVTA.


International Star Wars toy and merchandise images 1977 – 1997

Saturday Night at the Movies All the Star Wars movies as seen on Japanese Chirashi movie posters

UK Star Wars Adverts – 1978 to 1984 British Star Wars adverts from Palitoy and other UK companies licensed to sell Star Wars products.

The Rise of Skywalker Cinema swag and merchandise

ESB Pif Gadget Miro-Meccano Saynettes French invention and pure toy fun!

A very sinister C-3PO! Has this droid ever been so menacing?

Tintin comic N° 27 Star Wars Special, 1982 Belgium Star Wars goodness

Never Mind The Adverts… here are the toys! Snootles and the Rebo Band

Never Mind The Adverts… here are the toys! Star Wars toys

Never Mind The Adverts Special… 1978 Takara Die Cast Darth Vader

The Legend of black Wampa I want to believe!

Was Princess Leia’s white gown inspired by Princess Anne’s 1973 wedding dress? nah, or…

Star Wars Records! May The Vinyl Be With You!

2000 AD Comics featuring Star Wars the UK comic classic’s finest Star Wars moments

Vintage Star Wars on the magazine covers

Customised Star Wars Action Figures a little look at some custom VSW figures

Vintage Star Wars Oddball Collecting all the odd stuff!

1983 Return of the Jedi Bookmarks by Random House Beautiful art bookmarks

Star Wars Transforming X-Wing Fighter – awesome Japanese toy from Takara, 1978!

Star Wars Weekly Cool Comic Covers – Han, Chewie, Luke, Leia… they’re all here!

The Star Wars Book of Masks – check out these great 1983 masks!

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