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Four Frosties ads

By Kellogg’s – Life Magazine-page 133, Public Domain,

Kellogg’s Frosties is a breakfast cereal introduced in the United States in 1952. Tony the Tiger has been the brand’s mascot since its introduction, and has the catchphrase:

“They’re Grrrrreat!”

Tony is always drawn wearing a red bandana around his neck, which is sometimes plain red, can sport the name ‘Tony’, or is chequered with circles – as seen in early renditions like the Life Magazine pic above. In the first advert below, Tony can be seen wearing a spotted bow tie – perhaps in honour of his “roaring reporter” role.

I’ve always liked Tony as a breakfast mascot, he seems a friendly sort of Tiger who would probably organise lots of tiger dinner parties, and not only play the part of perfect host but keep peace between the likes of Shere Khan, Tigger, Tigress, Richard Parker and any other famous tigers you can think of!

Enjoy the ads, they’re grrrreat!

UK. Planet of the Apes. 1976.

Denmark. Anders And & Co. 1981.

Denmark. Anders And & Co. 1987.

Denmark. Anders And & Co. 1986.


Five new Hostess Superhero ads

Cousin Betsy the Plant Lady… A pleasant gallop on the waves… Cuckoo cuckoos… Creamed filling worthy of the Gods… it can only be the wacky superhero world of Hostess Twinkies and Fruit Pie adverts!

US. Kull. 1976.

US. Marvel Premiere 50. Alice Cooper. 1979.

US. Claw the Unconquered. 1978.

US. The Warlord. 1977.

US. 1978.


The Weetabix Gang

The Weetabix as seen in British comic book advertising. Thirteen adverts dated between 1982 – 1985.


‘The Weetabix’, often referred to as ‘The Weetabix Gang’, were five comic characters based on British skinheads, and were created for a highly successful advertising campaign for breakfast cereal Weetabix. It’s hard to believe that these biscuit-shaped, brace-wearing characters – Dunc, Bixie, Bryan, Brains and Crunch – managed to capture the hearts, and breakfast bowls, of the British public in the huge way that it did, considering the negative attitudes that were often levelled at skinhead culture.



‘The Weetabix’ featured throughout almost the entire 1980s in TV and comic book adverts. Some of the promotions tied in with well-known crazes of the decade such as video games, BMX and breakdancing, and even captured the spirit of the white tee-shirt and slogan fad, which was popular with fans of bands such as Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Wham!.


Ultimately ‘The Weetabix’ became a brand unto themselves, offering a vast range of merchandise via ‘The Weetabix Club’. Items ranged from clothing and patches to books and badges, lunch boxes, school and sports bags, stationery, an AM radio, an alarm clock, a Corgi licensed die cast truck, and many other items featuring the five characters and their catchphrases.











Non-toy ad Tuesday: 1980s British snacks – E.T. Cola Creams, Curly Wurly, Caramac, Hula Hoops, Hubba Bubba, Rice Krispies and Sherbert Fountain

Seven scrumptious snack adverts. They’re 80s, they’re British, they’re yummy, they’re making me nostalgic and very, very hungry!

UK. Eagle. 1983.

UK. Eagle. 1983.

UK. Eagle. 1984.

UK. Eagle. 1984.

UK. Eagle. 1983.

UK. Eagle. 1983.

UK. Eagle. 1982.

UK. Eagle. 1982.

UK. Eagle. 1983.

UK. Eagle. 1983.

UK. Eagle. 1985.

UK. Eagle. 1985.

UK. Eagle. 1984.

UK. Eagle. 1984.