Force One by Ertl

Force One Electronic F-15 Strike Eagle. 1990. Ertl. US.

Force One was a line of military fighter jets, helicopters, tanks, play sets and accessories sold by the Ertl company in 1987 and throughout the early 1990s. The vehicles were mostly die cast models including some with electronics. The line was made to a very high standard with some exceptional detailing.

TVTA is pleased to present a selection of images as well as the full scans from the 1990 Ertl Force One catalogue.

Force One 1990 catalogue from Ertl.

Force One British Harrier Fighter Jet. Ertl. 1990.

Force One Thunderbird F-16 Jet. Ertl. 1990.

Force One Blue Angels F-18 Jet. Ertl. 1990.

Force One Tactical Target Set. Ertl. 1990.

Force One Fighter Helmet. Ertl. 1990.

Force One Flite Gear Pilot Set. Ertl. 1990.

Force One Aviators. Ertl. 1990.

Force One Unit Combat Patches. Ertl. 1990.

The full scans. Click images to enlarge.

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ERTL Miniature Die Cast Replicas, 1990

Today’s toy images are scanned from the US printed 1990 Ertl Export Catalog which was produced in six languages, 50 pages, and contained the 1990 Ertl range available for export around the world.

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