Comic shop 7″ Vinyl Record Haul!

Ray Parker Jr. Ghostbusters theme. 1984. 45 tours West Germany pressing.

Happy New Year vintage mates! May love, joy, light and creativity be yours in 2022!

I spent the Christmas and New Year holiday working, with just two days off in between… luckily one of those days involved going into the nearest city for a spot of shopping, where I stumbled across a cool second-hand comic book store which also sold a selection of vinyl records and CDs. I plan to go back again later and grab some of the albums and CDs they had, but for now here are ten singles I purchased.

Format & Era: 7 inch 45 RPM vinyl. One picture disc. 1970s / 1980s. French and West Germany pressings.

Total Cost (Xe converter): 10 EUR / 11.37 USD / 8.40 GBP / 14 CAD / 15.64 AUD

Disc condition: All ten discs minty mint with two having mild surface scratches.

Picture Sleeve Condition: Fair to excellent condition.

My Best Picks: Seeing a Star Wars record always makes me happy to add it to my May The Vinyl Be With You collection! I was also pleased to see the novelty Zorro disc with its still-intact cut-out mask. The Elton John picture disc was a nice find too – Empty Garden was Elton’s 1982 tribute song to John Lennon. (edit: just checked out Thompson Twins Doctor! Doctor! on YT and man I forgot what an absolute 80s classic that is, and kind of sums up that era of music, especially the synths.)

Meco. La Guerre Des Etoiles (Star Wars). 1977. 45 tours French pressing.

Zorro theme. 1985. 45 tours French pressing.

Elton John. Empty Garden. 45 tours.

Van Halen. Jump. 1983. 45 tours French pressing.

Thompson Twins. Doctor! Doctor! 1984. 45 tours West Germany pressing.

Kim Wilde. Cambodia. 1982. 45 tours French pressing.

Bananarama. Cruel Summer. 1983. 45 Tours French pressing.

Carl Douglas. Kung Fu Fighting. 1974. 45 tours French pressing.

INXS. Need You Tonight. 1987. 45 tours French pressing.

As always, thanks for looking πŸ™‚

18 thoughts on “Comic shop 7″ Vinyl Record Haul!

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  2. Seems I have no time these days. I was here, read the post, then got called away.
    I like a lot of these acts/songs. Kung Fu Fighting is hilarious.
    Anyway, my Norman had a band in the 90’s…. Infidels. They opened twice for INXS.
    They also opened for many others including Robert Palmer.
    You may have already seen this: nNorman wrote the music. all instruments.
    Happy New Year!


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  4. HNY. Nice haul TVTA, got rid of all my vinyl a long time ago. Music and nostalgia go hand in hand. I think the fun is in the finding of things that bring back happy memories.
    I found your blog. It makes me happy and has reminded me of many forgotten happy times. Keep up the good work

    Liked by 1 person

    • Happy New Year Jacob! I’m waiting on a new stylus for my record player so I can hear these records for real, in the meantime it’s Youtube, and yes you’re right Cruel Summer is a great track. I got such a nostalgia blast listening to the Thompson Twins too! Last time I heard them was back in the day πŸ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks 70s! Once again I struck lucky finding some cool old things in France – the store was on a quarter full of old comic book and book shops, really cool to look around, and I’ll have another visit for sure when I get some time off work next πŸ˜€


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