Kellogg’s jigsaw puzzles from YWOW Games

Produced by YWOW GAMES in 2020 and under licence from the Kellog Company, these six collectable jigsaw puzzles depict the classic Kellogg’s cereal designs of Cornflakes, Frosties, Coco Pops, Special K, Crunchy Nut and Rice Krispies. Each 50-piece jigsaw comes with a mini poster.

TVTA has been collecting these since the beginning of 2022, and is now pleased to have completed the set. Enjoy the images, as we tuck into a nice bowl of Frosties and declare… They’re Grrreat!

12 thoughts on “Kellogg’s jigsaw puzzles from YWOW Games

  1. Hi TVTA, interesting jigsaws, I haven’t seen those before. I used to eat Cornflakes quite a lot, then I had a bowl of Rice Crispies followed by Coco Pops, then Special K, Frosties and Honey Nut all one after the other……I was a SERIAL eater 🤣.

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