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Board games are always a fun way to spend a night in with the family. Even today, when video game systems, i-pads and smart phones have taken over the world, nothing is quite like the family fun interaction of a good ole fashioned board game.

Many classics that we still have today were available back then such as “Monopoly”, “Scrabble”, “Sorry”, “Chutes and Ladders”, and my personal favorite, “Clue”.

“Clue” came out just at the end of the 1940’s, and first arrived on the market with simple cartoon drawings depicting the six suspects on the box.

clue1950 “Clue” circa 1950

By 1956, Parker Brothers had already updated Clue, with a bit more detail given to the characters, but not yet the classic Clue game that most of us are familiar with.

clue1956 Suspect cards in “Clue” ca. 1956

Trivia: “Risk” is another classic board…

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Role Playing Games

This section will look at role playing games (RPG) and cover titles from TSR, Victory Games, Mayfair Games, West End Games, Tasa and others, as well as some magazine-based RPG such as 2000 AD’s Dice Man.

Dungeons & Dragons is probably the most well known RPG. It was first published in 1974 by TSR (Tactical Studies Rules). Below is a small selection of D&D examples along with some other TSR titles. For more great D&D ads see our main feature here

Doctor Who, Fasa

USA. Starlog 99. 1985.

Doctor Who Role Playing Game. USA. 1985.

James Bond, Victory Games

James Bond Role Playing Game. US. Starlog. 1985.

DC and Marvel


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Dungeons & Dragons is a fantasy role-playing game first published in 1974 by TSR (Tactical Studies Rules). As well as many different and evolving versions of the game, numerous derivatives have been licensed such as a TV and film series, magazines, soundtrack, novels, model kits and video games.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. 1989. US.

Dungeons & Dragons Action Scenes. Starlog. 1982. US.

US. The Defenders 122. 1983.

US. The Defenders. 1983.

US. Firestorm 24. 1984.

US. Firestorm 24. 1984.

The Adventure Is Yours. The Defenders. 1982. US.

A “Dungeons & Dragons” Adventure comic strip adverts

Official Site

D&D Wikipedia

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RISK… an enduring boardgame, a talented inventor, and a life cut short by tragedy

Classic strategy game Risk was invented by French film director Albert Lamorisse under the French title La Conquête du Monde.

As a director, Lamorisse’s best known film is the classic Le Ballon rouge (The Red Balloon) which was released in 1956 and earned a Palme d’Or and an Oscar.

Lamorisse died at the age of 48 in a helicopter crash while he was filming the documentary Le Vent des amoureux (The Lovers’ Wind). The film was later completed by his son and widow, earning a posthumous Oscar nomination.

Risk remains a popular board game around the world and has been licensed for Lord of the Rings, Transformers, Star Wars and other popular themes, as well as transferring to various computer and video game formats such as Commodore 64, SEGA and Playstation.

US. The New Mutants. 1985.

US. The New Mutants. 1985.

Risk. 1979 Miro-Meccano catalogue page.

Risk. 1979 Miro-Meccano catalogue page.

France. Ets De Neuter catalogue. 1995.