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Toy shop snap shot: Hamleys of Regent Street London W.1.

Peter and Jane: We Have Fun. Lady Bird Books. 1964 / 2004.

Hamleys toy shop based in Regent Street, London, England, was founded in 1760 by William Hamley. It is the biggest and oldest toy shop in the world, and prides itself on selling not only traditional toys but newer toys that enter the market. Hamleys Book of Toys, Sports and Games, Christmas 1983 states

“Whilst traditional toys and dolls are as popular as ever, a vast revolution has nevertheless taken place in toyland. Electronic games and home computers have captured the imagination of children and their parents throughout the world.”

The Hamleys book goes on to announce the creation of a vast 4,000 sq. ft electronic games complex called ‘A Step Ahead’ with trained technology advisors on hand to guide customers through what surely must have been described back then as ‘video game heaven’.

Hamleys also announce another new department ‘Small World’ featuring international dolls furniture and miniatures, as well as extra space given over for their ground floor Star Wars department.

The 123 page Hamleys Christmas book is wonderfully presented with photographs and descriptive text, giving us a sense of not just what the toys looked like back in 1983 but what they did too, Enjoy the scans!

The 1983 Christmas Book of Toys, Sports and Games by Hamleys. Front and rear cover. The front ‘cover subject’ is “Toy Lady” while the back features one of Hamleys famous bears.

Hamleys “A Step Ahead” Electronic Games Complex

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Further reading: A history of Hamleys by Hamleys


Super Bionic Robot Stunts!

It’s a fantastic plastic bionic daredevil stunt riding robotic fantasy lazer taggin’ bonanza of retro fun at TVTA this week as we share some vintage ads fresh from the scanning room.

US. Weird War Tales, 1974.

US. Weird War Tales, 1974.

US. Kull. 1976.

US. Kull. 1976.

US. Kull 19. 1976.

US. Kull. 1976.

Castors 14. 1979.

France. Castors. 1979.

US. Alpha Flight. 1985.

US. Alpha Flight. 1985.

US. Codename Spitfire. 1987.

US. Codename Spitfire. 1987.

US. Alpha Flight. 1987.

US. Alpha Flight. 1987.


Scalextric – trade catalogues, part one

Scalextric is a leading brand of slot-car racing that was developed in the UK by Bentram โ€œFreddieโ€ Francis in 1957. Below are some scans and photographs taken from the 1989, 1990 and 1991 Scalextric trade catalogues. These high-quality industry catalogues are packed with amazing colour photographs of (the then) upcoming products. The copies I acquired included dealer suggested price lists, a poster, and a DVD. You can see part two here which takes a look at the 2006, 2007 and 2008 catalogues. Click pics to enlarge.

30th Edition Trade Catalogue. 1989.


Knight Rider Turbo Boost and Pursuit Mode Sets






31st Edition Trade Catalogue. 1990.





32nd Edition Trade Catalogue. 1991.


Batman Chase and Leap sets


Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles Turtle Power and Turtles to the Rescue sets





Check out the story of Scalextric at the official site

Welcome Greece to TVTA ! Mister P Toy catalogue


TVTA is always pleased to add paperworks from countries it’s never featured before. Today’s post welcomes Greek toy company Mister P which manufactered and distributed toys between the late 60s and the late 70s. According to the Greek Toy Museum Rhodes Mister P made high-quality toys – usually vehicle types, of which the Mini Cooper below was a top-selling example.


Mercedes 450 SE

I can personally attest to the high quality of at least one of their toys: Christmas, 1980-ish, I received from good ol’ Santa the Mercedes 450 SE remote controlled car; a beast of a toy (sizewise almost on par with Action Man vehicles) complete with flashing lights and opening boot/bonnet.


I had no idea that my childhood Mercedes was made by Mister P. So was very pleased to see the inclusion of it in the 23 page catalogue I recently acquired. The catalogue contains a host of road and air vehicles, slot car racing sets and trains. Most of the toys are depicted with some truly delightful artwork. Click to enlarge the images.

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