More random book cover designs, and a spotlight on British Salvationist illustrator Jim Moss

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. 1999 Harper Collins. Cover by J.R.R. Tolkien.

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Today’s book post features design covers and illustrations published between the 1920s and 2010s, courtesy of a generous donation of old books to TVTA!

What happened was this… an English teacher working in France was moving home and job, and before leaving she decided to give away a number of her old books. Finally, after a Pandemic-lockdown-observed-meeting outside the local park gates, two bags of wonderful books were handed over for the reading and scanning pleasure of those inside TVTA Towers – cue happiness 🙂

Some of the titles will be instantly recognisable, others obscure, some have been adapted for stage, film or television, but all are equal here in having interesting covers to bind their tales.

Enjoy your donated book!

1920 William Heinemann.

Lorna Doone Vol 1. by R.D. Blackmore.

1966 Bantam Books. Cover uncredited.

Donated book TVTA spotlight!

The art of Salvationist illustrator Jim Moss

In Tune with Mutt & Bone by Jim Moss. 96 page paperback published by The Salvation Army, 2002, featuring 185 Jim Moss comic strips.

Luckily, Jim Moss signed all his illustrations ‘Moss’ or ‘M’ in the 1955 edition of Black River – a Salvationist produced novel written by Bernard Watson – making it fairly easy for me to track the artist down.

Jim was born in London in 1926, one of seven children. After serving in India and the Middle East during the Second World War, he studied at the Borough Art School in London for four years, taking his NDD course in Illustration. During his career as an illustrator he designed posters, book jackets, logos, and children’s books. Jim’s long-standing dedication to the Salvation Army saw him design the Bram cartoons which delighted generations of young Salvationists, and in 1987 he devised the Mutt & Bone cartoon series featuring two Salvation Army band musicians.

Image taken from Salvation Army Burton Upon Trent Corps

Mutt & Bone is drawn in a typical cartoon style, so it was interesting to see that Moss could turn his hand to more realistic illustrations, and with a darker tone, as seen by his work in Black River.

Below are the complete chapter illustrations from Black River. Moss goes uncredited but it is clearly his work, as identified by his signature and his association with the Salvation Army.

About Jim Moss

Author information from Amazon Books page for the 2002 book In Tune with Mutt & Bone states:

Jim Moss was born in London in 1926, one of seven children. In 1939, as war broke out, the family became scattered evacuees and 13-year-old Jim, with brother Pete, travelled to Reading, where they were billeted. Sent out of the house in all weathers, Jim and his brother one day took refuge in the Reading East Salvation Army hall opposite their billet. They were warmly welcomed and, said Jim, ‘great tolerance’ was shown as he struggled to play E flat bass in the young people’s band. Jim was in the military for four years during and just after the Second World War, serving in India and the Middle East. When demobbed, he was given a wonderful opportunity to study at the Borough Art School in London for four years, taking his NDD course in Illustration. His wide range of hand-skills enabled him to use many different kinds of medium – from pencil, pen and ink to scraperboard – to complete the brief and get the message across. He often said, ‘It’s not the drawing that’s the problem, it’s finding an original idea! After a long, exciting career designing posters, book jackets, logos, children’s books for many different clients, as well as the Bram cartoons which delighted generations of young Salvationists, in 1987 Jim devised the Mutt & Bone cartoon series. Jim was, in the Salvation Army phrase, ‘promoted to Glory’ in July 2001 and this book is an affectionate memorial to a well-loved figure who has helped The Salvation Army both look and laugh and sometimes ponder! Just as Jim would have wished, had he lived to see Mutt & Bone in book form, all profits from this book are being donated to The Salvation Army’s Ethembeni Children’s Home, Southern Africa, for the caring ministry of its HIV/Aids clinic.

Thank you for looking at book covers and illustrations with us 🙂

All images scanned from donated books to TVTA.

Chip Kidd quote art courtesy of


Powerful. Bleak. Tragic.
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Some random book cover designs

Tobermory and other stories. Saki. 1998. Cover Diana Ong / SuperStock.

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The gift of the cat … Chet Phillips Vintage Travel Posters!

The editor and office cat of TVTA in rare moment of relaxation.

How lovely! Yesterday morning in the TVTA mail room, while opening envelopes containing our usual assortment of comics, catalogues, adverts and, erm, bills, I managed to find a surprise gift just for little old me!

Wow, thanks Wooof! I can’t believe you ordered me a set of Chet Phillips Vintage-style Travel Poster Postcards!

Chet Phillips is a digital artist, and you can check out his work here

In the meantime, feast your peepers on the the cool pressie Wooof got me – six vintage-style British and Scottish Tourism posters, upon which not just a splendid tour of Britain is promised, but something else lurking in the scenery!

Enjoy 🙂

As always, thanks for looking 🙂 Thanks Chet for making some wonderful art! And thanks Wooof for the cool gift 🙂

An interesting lot…

We certainly thought so. Presenting a mix of international advertising and graphic art, 1980 to 2017.

Greek telephone cards, 2000

Swift Wind, Princess Power, 1986

Disneyland Paris ticket, 2015

Black Sabbath autographs

Leaflet cover for Dali Exhibition Paris, 2017

1980s mailing sleeve, Netherlands. Featuring Master of the Universe, My Little Pony and Zoids

Groquik, Pif Gadget, France,1986

The universe of marbles, Pif Gadget, France, 1986

Unknown Japanese newspaper print ads

Warren Movie Magazines: Moonraker, The Lord of the Rings, Alien, Meteor, US, 1980

Homemade 3D Ghosts scan

TVTA Ghosts

Postcards from Stella

thanks for getting interesting with us 🙂

Thanks to Philip Ayres for identifying the Zoids toy in the mailing sleeve as the Spine-Back (AKA Gator in Japan).