Paris 22: The World of Banksy – the immersive experience

I’ll let the images speak for themselves, other than to say what better chance to see a ‘collected works’ of the artist Bansky than this immersive experiece exhibition, which I attended in Montmartre, Paris this August.

Kudos to the design team in replicating Banksy’s art with a degree of atmosphere… the moody lighting, the props of litter, abandoned spray cans, flowers and candles, the sound of sirens and helicopters – just as if you were strolling along some dark street or alley and came across his work by chance.

Enjoy 😀

Banksy. A wall is a very big weapon…

Banksy. Mobile phone lovers.

Banksy. Pulp Fiction print.

Banksy. Bataclan door. In memory of the victims of the 2015 attacks.

Banksy. Businessman gives dog a bone.

Banksy. Napoleon.

Banksy. Girl painting over a swastika.

Banksy. Robot barcode.

Banksy. Flying Balloon Girl.

Banksy. Stop and search.

Banksy. Helicopter dropping spray cans.

Banksy. Rage, Flower Thrower.

Banksy. Laugh now.

Banksy. Sweep it under the carpet.

Banksy. No ball games.

Banksy. Smiley face grim reaper.

Thanks for looking!

10 thoughts on “Paris 22: The World of Banksy – the immersive experience

  1. I am all for Banksy, as you may know.
    A nice tour of his work.
    Having said that, I won’t be surprised if he decides to “Banksyfy” one or two of those unauthorized exhibitions that appear like mushrooms all over the world!

    Liked by 1 person

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