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Battle jackets, Spider-Man jackets, cheese T-shirts and apostrophes galore!!!

Yes, it’s another stunning TVTA fashion spectacular!!!

US. Creepy Mag. 1980. New Warrior’s Battle Jacket. Now you and your entire family can look incredibly cool and stylish at the baseball game, the disco, your back yard, or even in your own space fantasy!

SUBJECT: Fashion. INTERNATIONAL HOUSES: Italy, France, Denmark, UK, Brazil, US. MODE TIMESPAN: 70s, 80s and 90s. STYLE: Superhero, sports, kids. APOSTROPHE COUNT: 33. TOTAL TIME MACHINE TRIPS: 8. GIANT CAT BISCUITS AND PIZZA CONSUMED: 4. SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Please recycle this post at your nearest clothing regeneration outpost.

So, what’s hot for Autumn in the world of fashion?

Marvel jackets! Only $75.00 each!! This was way back in 1989, and according to Dollar Times that’s worth $150.27 in 2017!

US. 1989.

Cheese. It’s the big cheese! It’s the cheese of the decade! It’s what all the smart kids are cheesing on about! Look cheesy in these cheese-tastic Cool Burger cheese T-shirts! Did we mention cheese?

Denmark. 1984.

More T-shirts! This time hold the cheese… we got superheroes!

US. 1978.

But what happens if I want to put stars on my T-shirt? No problem. You can do that. All you need is a dollar and a Whoppers wrapper from 1979!

US. 1979.

Get Confirmed with the Lilly Confirmation dress!


It’s back! The drunken sailor look, fresh for Autumn!


Put pesky puddles in their place with Viking footwear!


Cycle in style! But be careful of catching those bell bottoms in your chain – ouch! Just look what happened to the kid on the right! No more bell bottoms for you young lad!

Denmark. 1978.

Still feeling sporty? Get yourself off to some tennis with these Iris trainers!

Brazil. 1983.

And still feeling sporty? Skate your way into the hearts and minds of the fashion world with these waspish yellow and black cool rollers from Italy!

Italy. 1984.

Two French ads by Hom. Yeah! 90s. Yeah, yeah, yeah!

France. Hom. 90s.

France. Hom. 90s.

Get kitted out vintage style! I went to some of these fairs when I lived in the UK. Always a good selection of clothing and jewellery! 

UK. Custard Factory, Birmingham. 2000s.

And finally, for the kids, or the young at heart, or just really small people, why not try out some fantastic superhero costumes!

Denmark. 1989.

As always, thanks for looking!


This post was brought to you by TVTA Fashion Under Statement Enterprises and is sponsored by Miow-Pow! cat biscuits and Pizza Au Feu De Bois, Vite, Vite, Vite! No apostrophes were harmed in the making of this vintage post, only Jar Jar Binks. If you would like to know more about fashion then why not visit some shops in your local area to see what clothes are 'hip' and 'yeah baby' today! You can also browse catalogues, or ask friends if you may look inside their wardrobes one time.


A 1926 Sunday Pictorial

Flappers, Film, Fashion and Food. Images from The Sunday Pictorial, January 31, 1926.

Mrs Mary K. Chapman’s Mysterious Hair Colour Restorer

A few etceteras for women and young girls.

Craven A. “The only cigarette made specially to prevent sore throats.”

A touch of hectic. What modern audiences want

“Stella Dallas” and “The Teaser”

Lady Windermere’s Fan

Quaker Oats

Pompeian Beauty Powder



Yorkshire Blanket Co.

H.P. Sauce.

Hovis Bread

Look for the Cat’s Head

(specially chosen by Wooof)

Camp Coffee

Going Underground

 *    *    *

 *    *    *

 *    *    *

Thank you for travelling with TVTA.

Was Princess Leia’s white gown inspired by Princess Anne’s 1973 wedding dress?

And how about those ‘buns’?

I’m certain the answer to my question is a big royal no.

But while scanning newspaper ads from a 1973 UK royal wedding special, the moment I saw Princess Anne in her wedding dress my immediate thought was…

… that look … it’s just so Princess Leia!

Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips were married on November 14, 1973, at Westminster Abbey, England. Anne’s wedding dress was created by designer Maureen Baker. Made in Suffolk, England from a speciality silk, it featured a high neckline (Anne’s idea), military-inspired epaulettes picked out in seed pearls, a tiny waist, and long medieval oversleeves with short swelling undersleeves.

Anne’s hair, though not made up in buns like Leia’s, gives a similar effect with its swept back sides, backcombing and a centre parting.

Princess Leia’s simple white hooded gown was designed by John Mollo who had the outfit made at Bermans & Nathan’s, a London costume shop. For me, this costume and the similar one worn at the medal ceremony in 1977’s Star Wars Episode IV – A New Hope, defines the ‘Princess Leia look’. I think it’s a tribute to great costume-making and the talents of actress the late Carrie Fisher who played the role.

Princess dolls

Certainly there are some similarities between these two famous 1970s Princess costumes. And one final similarity… both Princesses have been made into dolls – Anne as a Peggy Nisbet doll and Leia as a Kenner doll.


Princess Anne images taken from Daily Mail, Thursday, November 15, 1973.

Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia photos property of Lucasfilm / Disney.

Peggy Nisbet doll image taken from Bidorbuy.

Kenner doll image taken from imperialgunnery.

ABBA Dolls by Matchbox

Swedish pop legends ABBA didn’t escape the eye of the toy industry. In the 1970s, British company Matchbox launched a set of dolls based on Agnetha, Benny, Björn and Anni-Frid. The dolls measured 23 cm (9 inches approx) and came with their own costumes. Additional costumes were available to buy separately. The dolls were sold in the UK and other European countries. The below ad is from Denmark, 1978.

Denmark. 1978.

Matchbox made a great job of designing the clothes, even reproducing the famous ‘cat suits’ of Agnetha and Anni-Frid.

ABBA in cat suits, Bengt H Malmqvist. This well-known picture is taken at the Swedish Television building at Gärdet in Stockholm. Owe Sandström designed the wonderful cat suits worn by Anni-Frid and Agnetha. Photo and info taken from abbathemuseum.com

Bonus trivia: so far as TVTA is aware, ABBA is the only group with a palindromic name to score a hit with a palindromic title, namely SOS.

1980s sci-fi and streetwear ads

A TVTA Fashion Exclusive !!!

Today’s selection of ads feature a virtual boutique of 1980s sci-fi apparel and streetwear. T-shirts, hats, hoodies, shoes… they’re all here, as advertised in a world where eBay and online shopping didn’t exist and Amazon was just a rainforest and a river.

Anti-Martian Mocassins

Kick the living crap out of space invaders and Martian types with these stylish mocassins from the Buggy company!

Kick the living crap out of space invaders and aliens with these stylish moccasins from Buggy! France. Pif Gadget N° 652. 1981.

France. Pif Gadget N° 652. 1981.

The Doctor Who Merchandise Collection

I heart Tom? I double heart Doctor Who? Look incredibly cool in these T-shirts and hooded tops!

And more Doctor Who merchandise. How can you not fail to look cool in these tee shirts? USA. Starlog N° 93. April 1985.

US. Starlog N° 93. April 1985.

Get your thinking cap on!

Sci-fi logos galore (mostly Star Wars) on these cool caps and hats from the Thinking Cap Company.

Get your thinking cap on! Sci-fi logos galore (mostly Star Wars) on these great caps and hats from the Thinking cap Company. USA. Starlog N° 65. December 1982.

US. Starlog N° 65. December 1982.

Gang wear

Wanna be in the gang and hang with the cool kids like Tina, Fanny, Jonathan, Philip der Professor and Herr Müller?

Then get yourself some Elefanten shoes!

Elefanten shoes. Germany. YPS N° 312. 1981.

Germany. YPS N° 312. 1981.

Other gang wear

Don’t like the Elefanten kids much?

Okay, how about the Punky Funky Rocky kids and their Adidas style?


Don't want to join the Elefanten kids much? Okay, how about the Punly Funky Rocky kids and their Adidas style? France. Pif Gadget N° 738. 1983.

France. Pif Gadget N° 738. 1983.

The Levi’s Youthwear summer clothes competition

Design an outfit… win an outfit!

Simply design a superhero on this advert and send it off (don’t forget to be in 1984).

How about Levi's summer clothes? Simply design a superhero on this advert and send it off. UK advert, 1984.

UK, 1984.

TVTA’s effort ….

… and here is TVTA’s entry!

Yes! We’re going to be sending one of our office juniors away in TVTA’s time machine (a reconditioned Teasmaid and pinball machine), back to 1984 to post our (hopefully – fingers crossed) winning entry!!!

... and here is TVTA's entry! Yes! We're going to be sending our office junior away in TVTA's time machine (a reconditioned Teasmaid and pinball machine), back to 1984 to post our (hopefully - fingers crossed) winning entry!!!

Fearless Firestorm. Disclaimer: no vintage ads were harmed in this production.

And finally … great big flipping shiny space shuttle mission jackets!

Oh boy! How about an official, authorized Space Shuttle Mission Jacket from 1982? They made Burt Reynolds look macho, there are probably free pieces of moon rock inside the pockets, lapels that double as extending flight wings, President of the USA presented, glows in the dark and cooks eggs !! What more can you ask from a space jacket? 

And finally, how about a Space Shuttle Mission Jacket from 1982? USA. Starlog N° 56. 1982.

US. Starlog N° 56.