A TVTA Special.

Presenting… the Man of Steel, Superman print adverts spanning the 1970s to present day. Superman toys, games, food promotions, films, comics – all from the collection of TVTA. Enjoy!

Thanks for looking 🙂

Post updated July 2020 with new images.

17 thoughts on “Superman

    • Thanks Wibi. Many of these Superman ads were dotted around my site in other posts, so it was good fun pulling them together for one big post here. I’m doing the same with Batman and some others. The Batman one is humungous – never realised I had so many ads of him!


  1. Wow! How did my “Supermobile Saber” get in here?! I am honoured that you have included it but I should point out to viewers that it isn’t available in any shop! 😀
    This is a fabulous collection of ads once again and I remember the “Shreddies” promotion as I had to persuade my mother to buy the cereal to get the collector cards (my parents didn’t usually buy branded goods as we didn’t have much money back then) Thanks again TVTA!

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    • Thanks FT. The Supermobile Saber is a worthy entry, and I was very pleased to add it.
      Like you, as kids, our family didn’t have much money, so any offers inside or on the backs of cereal packets were gold dust. Even today, as an adult, finding a toy inside a box of cereals puts a smile on my face 🙂

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