1980s sci-fi and fantasy merchandise via comic shops and mail order

US. Starlog. 1984.

A TVTA Special.

Back in the pre-internet days of the eighties, if you wanted to get your hands on unique and cool sci-fi and fantasy merchandise you would most likely end up paying a visit to your local comic book shop. Alternatively you would fill-in and cut out mail order forms found in comics and magazines like Starlog (US) and Starburst (UK). Other options would be attending a convention, or a local swap-and-meet event.

TVTA is pleased to present a selection of adverts featuring the above options. For our superb, in-depth post on London’s first Forbidden Planet store see here

Mail order companies, bricks and mortar comic shops, conventions

Forever People, Bristol. UK. 1982.

Forever People. 1980.

Odyssey 7, Manchester. UK. 1982.

Odyssey 7 small ad. 1988. UK.

Odyssey 7 comic shop advert. 1987. UK.

Forbidden Planet. UK. 1986.

Forbidden Planet 2. UK. 1982.

Forbidden Planet small ad. 1988. UK.

Fantasy World, Stoke-On-Trent. UK. 1983.

The Sheffield Space Centre, Sheffield. UK. 1989.

Virgin comic shops. 1987. UK.

Sheffield Space Centre small ad. 1988. UK.

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