Balls! Time to get mad with TVTA!

Madballs Mad Money Wacky Cash banks. Wonderland catalogue. 1987. France.

Greetings vintage mates! Remember the short but popular phase of Madballs toys? They also had their imitators like Uglyballs and Weird Balls. Back in the day I had a few Madballs, but I didn’t know the line expanded to include money savings banks and water squirters, as seen in the 1987 edition of Wonderland Catalogue.

Madballs Water Squirters. Wonderland catalogue. 1987. France.

TVTA is pleased to present some additional images from the 1987 Wonderland Catalogue, featuring excellent toys from the likes of Bravestarr, Barbie and Popples.

Enjoy the images.

Bravestarr Pistols. Wonderland catalogue. 1987. France.
Bravestarr Water Blaster and Target Game. Wonderland catalogue. 1987. France.

The NINJA Special !!!

You’ve just enjoyed the Bravestarr range of toy weapons above, now get ready for the incredible multi-weapon charm of the Ninja Special…

This clever piece of kit combines a pistol, grenade launcher, rifle, combat knife, mini throwing blade, a throwing star and a crossbow!

Ninja Special Combat Weapon. Wonderland catalogue. 1987. France.

Below: Arco Cap Firing MAC X1 toy tank. Remote control jet and helicopter. Toy soldier combat set and Special Mission friction vehicles.

Barbie Friends and Popples

Hand Painted Animal and dinosaur figures. Wonderland catalogue. 1987. France.
Pre School Toys. Wonderland catalogue. 1987. France.

Front and rear cover of catalogue

Wonderland Catalogue. 1987. France. Cover front.
Wonderland Catalogue. 1987. France. Cover rear.

Thanks for looking πŸ™‚

14 thoughts on “Balls! Time to get mad with TVTA!

      • Nope, non of that. After the wall came down I got one Barbie but was almost too old for that πŸ™‚ She had a lot of shoes though.
        I did have a really cool wooden play set for cowboys and indians. As a fun fact: since I don’t go to Mc Donalds, when our daughter was about 3 I took her to an indoor playground and that was the first time, I ever sat in a ball pit. Fun times!
        As a kid I spent a lot of time with library books and drawing, so it really wasn’t all that bad! It is however sometimes odd to see how much stuff kids have these days.

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      • Oh that wooden playset for the cowboys and indians sounds brill – would’ve loved one of those, especially a fort or castle for my soldiers!
        We were a quite poor single parent family but mum always got us cool toys for Christmas (I think she went into debt for the rest of the year for it). Cool you mentioned the library! We too were encouraged to join and I have tons of memories of taking out books and reading. Loved it.


  1. I definitely remember the “Squirt-Ball” versions, they appeared at “Jumble Sales” and charity stores all the time. My mother used to help the local church with “Bric-a-Brac” sales so I saw them all the time. Now the Marshall Bravestarr stuff, I wouldn’t mind getting hold of some of those blasters!

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