Fashion, movie and style images from Jours de France magazine issue #750 1969

Jours De France 750 1969. Brigitte Bardot et Maurice Ronet.

Jours de France was a popular French weekly women’s print magazine published between 1954 and 1989. The magazine featured articles and photographs on fashion, cinema, writers, artists and musicians, as well as cartoons and puzzles. TVTA was lucky to get hold of issue #750 from 1969 with actress Gina Lollobrigida on the cover. The issue is jam-packed with superb images of late 1960s French culture, as well as an abundance of print adverts from popular brands which were the main source of revenue for magazines like Jours de France.

At more than 260 pages long, there is bound to be a ‘part two’ to this post. I was unable to scan the images due to the sheer size and weight of the magazine being too much for the TVTA A4 office scanner, so all images from this issue are presented as photographs.

Enjoy 🙂

– Ford.

Jours De France 750 1969. Cover. Gina Lollobrigida.

Jours De France 750 1969. Robert Hossein et Marisa Mell.

French fashion and style

Gamorama Fashion Prints

Publicité (adverts)

Jours De France 750 1969. Dior makeup range.

Jours De France 750 1969. Lejaby.

Jours De France 750 1969. Kiraz-Color.

Jours De France 750 1969. Ocyane de Barbara.

As always, thanks for looking 😎

13 thoughts on “Fashion, movie and style images from Jours de France magazine issue #750 1969

  1. Love this!!! I have some American Vogues from those years. There is a cross over, but each is unique to its market. The 4 Hermès outfits were worth an arm and a leg back then. The new ones today are worth 2 arms, 2 legs and all your hair! Sweet Post, Ford!!!!

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    • Lol. To be fair to you, Chris, I can recall some curtain (and wallpaper) designs similar to those on display in my post… though maybe more 70s than 60s.
      Thinking back, some of the 80s wallpaper designs I put up at my first flat (I was gifted about a ton of free wallpaper rolls for some reason I can’t remember now) were completely hideous, but kind of rocked back then 😎

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      • Back in the 80s, I remember spending a lot of time removing layer upon layer of wallpaper. One room seemed to have been papered using the contents of several sample books. Mind you, there were a lot of odd things in that house.

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      • Sounds quite an eccentric house!

        So, talking of decorating then, we offered to strip and re-paper our grandparents house once in the early 90s, as Grandad was getting on a bit for such a task. We waited for them to go away on holiday so we could get to work without disturbing them. Little did we know that for the past 30 years Grandad had papered over the existing prints whenever they wanted a change of pattern, leaving about ten layers which were a nightmare to remove! No wonder the house was always so warm – it was the insulation of wallpaper.

        Do you remember – Anaglypta? Woodchip? Cork tiles? Artex? 😂🤣😁

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  2. Hi TVTA, I like this spread of images, really classic. I think I may be becoming a bit of a Fashionista…but the first four images of the dresses etc remind me of the patterns found on Hermes scarves (the nautical ropes, ship’s wheel and chains motif).

    Liked by 2 people

    • Spot on FT! Your fashionista sense has Jedi powers! Indeed, some of those designs you mention are actually from the design house of Hermès, according to the index page of the magazine in question. Agree, those nautical emblems are something else! Bravo et merci mon ami 😊

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      • Wow, I’ve had one of my rare moments where I was right! I thought I recognised the patterns as I check out fashion mags and features now and then to get ideas on the use of colours in designing. It’s a process a bit like when Bruce Lee “borrowed” techniques from other martial arts to form his own style of combat. I study all forms of designing.

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    • I’m so pleased you enjoyed these images! It was an absolute pleasure receiving the magazine and taking photos of the images – and best, the magazine is so packed with 60s style that I can easily make a ‘part two’ post later. Many thanks for enjoying 😊

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