Daniel Boone Wilderness Scout (paperwork) by Marx

Released in 1965 by toy company Marx, Daniel Boone Wilderness Scout was a poseable 12 inch wild west action figure with accessories. The figure had jointed shoulders, elbows, wrists and a moveable head, but stood on rigid legs. While I don’t have the actual figure, I did get hold of the paperwork which came with the original boxed toy.

For more information on the Daniel Boone figure see Stewart’s Attic as well as other wild west action figures of the period.

Daniel Boone grew up as a hunter

Accessories and wilderness survival tips

Below images of Daniel Boone figure and box courtesy of Stewart’s Attic

Thanks for looking!

8 thoughts on “Daniel Boone Wilderness Scout (paperwork) by Marx

    • Cheers TD! Same here mostly, it’s a lot of 70s, 80s and 90s toys in my collection, with just a few items predating. Luckily though I’ve gained quite a lot of pre-70s stuff by collecting original ads and paperwork… plus they’re a lot easier to store and display than physical toys.

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  1. Hi TVTA, Wow you’d be lucky to a QR code on the packaging of toys nowadays let alone a full set of papers like Daniel has. Though I have to say that he needs a new “proof reader” – check out the second image you posted that shows the two ways to dress him and it says, “With bearskin jacket and and frontier cap”! They had typos in 1965! Great share thanks.

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