Mebetoys 1971 Italian Die Cast Cars Catalogue

TVTA is pleased to add its second catalogue to the Mebetoys category for die cast cars. This latest catalogue is from 1971 and was printed for the Italian market. The catalogue has some very cool stylised images of the models showing partial views of the car, as well as colour photographs of the range available at the time. The catalogue also includes an image for the Yogi Bear and Boo Boo car.

Thanks for looking! You can see our other Mebetoys catalogue here

10 thoughts on “Mebetoys 1971 Italian Die Cast Cars Catalogue

  1. That Runabout is very interesting, it really stands out in a retro-future sort of way. I could imagine people in the 60s saying everyone’s car would look like that in twenty years, and how perfect it would be for those journeys where the jetpack is impractical.

    I also thought it nice to see circles around some of them. šŸ™‚

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  2. Hi TVTA, I did own one of those Yogi and Boo Boo cars but it was beaten up and damaged before I got it because it came in that big cardboard box of toys I mentioned once before. I remember the sculpt on the two characters was really good though. I did later get the Tom and Jerry car set made by Corgi – Tom had a “Go-Kart” made from a steel dustbin and Jerry had a car with a cannon attached to the front! They looked like this:

    I hope the picture link works, but thanks for sharing yours once more.

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  3. These are wonderful! Love how some of the ads someone has circled some of the cars, perhaps chasing what one’s to put on their Christmas list to Santa?! ThatYogi Bear and Boo Boo car is brilliant fun too!

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