Horror film posters of the 1980s

As seen in adverts from the French movie magazine L’Ecran Fantastique, featuring a couple of well-known horror movies as well as some a little more obscure. Our first image is from the excellent A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise – A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, with poster design by French artist Laurent Melki, who also designed French posters for A Nightmare on Elm Street 4; Blood Feast; 2000 Maniacs; The Last House on the Left; Night of the Living Dead; Day of the Dead; Videodrome and Creepshow among many others.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. L’Ecran Fantastique No 81 1987. Art by Laurent Melki.

Next up is an advert showing the poster for House designed by artist and writer Bill Morrison, who later worked on The Simpsons and created The Beatles – The Yellow Submarine Graphic Novel. You can see his signature on the side of the doorbell, but thanks to Cameraviscera I was able to get additional info.

House. L’Ecran Fantastique No 69 1986. Art by Bill Morrison.

Next is an advert featuring the poster for The Supernaturals, a zombie film starring actress Nichelle Nichols, famous for her role as Lieutenant Nyota Uhura in the Star Trek franchise. I can’t find any information on the name of the artist for this poster.

The Supernaturals. L’Ecran Fantastique No 70 1986.

Next up is an advert for the French poster for the cult comedy horror shocker Street Trash. Artist unknown.

Street Trash. L’Ecran Fantastique No 81 1987.

Next is an advert for the poster of the film Blood Sisters. Artist unknown.

Blood Sisters. L’Ecran Fantastique No 81 1987.

Finally, we present an advert for I. Media video cassettes, featuring some popular titles available at the time to purchase via mail order.

I. Media videos. L’Ecran Fantastique No 71 1986.

Thanks for looking!

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19 thoughts on “Horror film posters of the 1980s

  1. Wow I hope House doesn’t make a doctor’s visit to my flat no matter how ill I feel – he looks really bad in that po….OH! wrong House – I thought it was House M.D.! Again I’ll say we are really missing out on movie posters nowadays – they’re just so bland (mostly). You get the new DUNE movie and the poster is kinda just the name in stylised type font then on the other extreme you get the Star Wars posters which are a little better but just re-works of the stack of character portraits with the main character at the back looming large.
    These posters however are again a great batch from dare I say a bygone era.

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    • I would agree about that ‘bygone era’, the posters back then were just stunning. I kinda get why Star Wars repeats the same formula, because they want to hold on to the historic vibe I think, that said the posters for Rogue One were out of this world in they way they showed different elements of the film.
      The Dune posters I’ve seen are not so inspiring, and tbh look a bit Star Warsy.

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      • Oh yes I forgot about the Rogue One posters – I was just referring to the main Saga posters. Yes I liked R1’s posters – especially with the “blueprint overlays”. I guess I was spoiled as a youngster, with my family being friends with the town cinema’s projectionist I got to walk in and out of the foyer regularly without the crowds and admire the upcoming attraction posters more closely.

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