Latest ads – simple toys, simple times

Les Poupées de Lisette. France. 1960.

Congost toys. Spain. 1977.

Primo washing powder toys. France. 1960.

Things were simpler back then. A more innocent time?

TVTA takes a quick peek at some 1940s – 1980s print adverts from Spain, Denmark, France, the US, and the UK, featuring simple toys and ideas.

Congost toys. Spain. 1977.

Paper doll bedroom pendant for collage or colouring. France. 1946.

Paper sewing box kit. France. 1946.

Super Flyers. Denmark. 1977. Roughly translated:  ‘Just your taste…’ 
‘Licorice with salmia powder’. At first, I thought this ad was for a model aeroplane, launched from the mouth by blowing from a tube. But it’s not – it’s for licorice, with added ‘salmia’ powder, a type of salt.

Ucar batteries. France. 1980.

Kidco Tough Wheels Burnin’ Key Cars. US. 1982.

Lego Expert Builder Series. US. 1982.

Model Expo Inc. Die cast cars. US. 1983.

Tensor LTD BMX and cycles. UK. 1984.

Thanks for looking 🙂

8 thoughts on “Latest ads – simple toys, simple times

  1. It sure was a more innocent time.
    I was just playing an online paper doll game., Stardoll. It seems …not safe.
    One of the more mild parental review says:
    “Very weird people on there, watch your kids with the party and chat options and don’t bother to pay for a superstar membership.”
    At least when you cut the dolls out of a book, no lecher or hacker would pop up!

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  2. Gotta love the Lego, and that Auto Cross game looks quite fun with the steering wheel. Kid me would have enjoyed the Clock-O-Matic, too (who am I kidding – I probably still would enjoy it!).

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    • They’re kinda cool toys really for all their simplicity. I had something very similar to the helicopter toy, battery operated, with a controller that directed the helicopter on a wire. All it did was go round clockwise and anti, and up and down a bit, but I loved it.
      As for Lego… an everlasting great!

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      • That sounds like something that would have entertained me too. The simpler the toy, the more imagination required, the more fun 🙂 I remember there was a game on Crystal Maze back in the day like that but in water, where they had to try and grab a life raft with the chopper… that obviously makes it even cooler 😛

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