1970s US toy ads

US comic books ads, 1970s.

Sandwiched between the pages of a multitude of heroes were toy adverts ranging from die cast giant Dinky to model kit makers Monogram to Ricochet Racers to the wonderful and strange offerings of Heroes World merchandise. Here are few goodies from some recent scans.

US. The Defenders. 1977.

US. Weird Mystery Tales. 1974.

US. Kull. 1976.

US. Kull. 1976.

US. Kull. 1976.

US. Kull. 1976.

US. Kull. 1976.


9 thoughts on “1970s US toy ads

  1. Awesome Toy Adverts! Love looking at these, never seen the Spidey or Captain America cars before, they look fun, That dinky Enterprise and Space `1999 ad is brilliant as well, got both of those, great toys 🙂

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    • That’s cool you still have the Dinky toys 🙂 I used to have the Eagle Transporter but it got lost on travels. Yes, the Spidey and Cap America cars look cool. Wonder from what figure line the figures are that go in them? Mego made an ‘Amazing Spider-Man Car’ for their figs so I wonder if the ‘Spidey Car’ was a knock off?

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      • Yeah, they were great toys, the Enterprise fired disc shaped torpedoes! Shame you lost the Eagle, those were such cool space ships. You might be onto something there with the Mego Spider-Man car, the Spidey Car could have been just that.

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  2. Well, you can’t say these ads aren’t toy-accurate; the sled-launcher thing even has a nonsensical giant trigger!

    At first I thought “Join the Dinky Starfleet” was a rare case of an ad admitting its product isn’t the greatest thing ever, until I saw that, no, the toy company actually just has an unfortunate name.

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