Ode to reading

I’m linking up with Denise at Girlie On The Edge Blog where she hosts Six Sentence Stories and everyone is invited to write a story or poem constructed of six sentences based on a prompt word.

This week’s cue word is Marvel

Ode to reading 

Happy am I to allow conjured words to dance upon my stage,
The bliss of poetry tumbled from ink and sprinkled on the page.

Hungry am I to devour and read, poems, micro stories,
Five-thousand word tales, novellas on a leash, messages in a bottle.

The immersion into the belly of the beast of the epic novel,
Gifting tens of thousands of fibrous words as if spun from a throstle.

And just as oils and nutrients are essential for the skin,
The writer must read to grease the gears of creation from within.

You read you write, a revolution of inspiration, articles, reviews, blogs, papers
On socioeconomics, antagonists and protagonists, 25¢ Detective Comics.

The Classics, the Romantics, a bestselling psychological thriller,
Or a childhood Marvel comic, about the King of the Monsters – Godzilla.

Poem: by Ford.

Image: Marvel Comic N°338. Herb Trimpe cover. 1979. UK.

January 20. 2021.

28 thoughts on “Ode to reading

  1. I’ve read somewhere that ” if writing is honest it cannot be separated from the man who wrote it”.

    I guess then there is nothing wrong with my eyes being unable to do so 😉

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  2. Dude!

    Total fan of Marvel comics.
    (You want to know why youth is better than adult? Me and my friends would spend countless pre-adolescent hours debating DC versus Marvel.*)

    for the record, I was quickly converted to the ‘new’ guys, Jack and Stan.**


    Should/Would/Could life be as un-complicated again?

    (I already resorted to Wayne and Garth over at Miz. Avery’s last Sixth… so, lets go to the Wayback machine…

    *Tell me that’s not a far more sublime an exchange than is common as Time exacts it’s toll, “Why won’t you go out with me, we had such a good time! Didn’t we?” or “You spend the day with an infant and a two-year-old and then tell me how romantic you feel on a Thursday night.”
    ** no! Don’t ask ‘Did you keep any of the single digit issue numbered comics?’ (ayyieee)

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    • Dude! Thanks 😎

      Okay, could have saved you and your friends a whole heap of time by telling you simply that DC is the best!

      But I love me my Marvel too!

      And I still have a good deal of my comics from childhood, with 20 Cents or 10p being the lowest price digits I guess.

      In the 80s and 90s, every Saturday morn was spent at the comic book shop. And whenever I get chance to go back to UK I always make a point of visiting them (though sadly they be a bit thin on the ground now).


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