Corgi Toys die-cast vehicles catalogue 1971/72

Q: What do The Magic Roundabout; Popeye; Noddy; Batman; James Bond, The Saint, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Daktari have in common?

A: They’ve all had die-cast vehicles made for them by Corgi!

TVTA is pleased to present scans from the 1971/72 Corgi Toys catalogue French edition, featuring well-known stars of TV and film, as well as iconic Corgi models like the Lunar Bug and Simon Snorkel fire engine.

Enjoy 🙂

James Bond Aston Martin DB5; Batmobile and Batboat; Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Noddy car; Popeye car


Chipperfields Circus

Simon Snorkel Fire Engine

Police Vehicles and The Saint Volvo

Other models featured in the catalogue: Whizz Wheels; Dragsters; Concorde; Alpine Rescue; Tour De France; Agrilculture; Breakdown; Safari and more!

14 thoughts on “Corgi Toys die-cast vehicles catalogue 1971/72

    • Thanks Bruce. The Batcopter was ace. I didn’t have it, or the Batboat, but some of my friends did. I had the Batmobile though – a fine toy with all its gadgets.
      Oh yes, you’ll have to dig out The Professionals set – again, one of my friends had it, it was really cool with the figurines; just like the Starsky and Hutch (had it) and Kojak (didn’t have it) sets!

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