What is your special super power?

Whether you’re a superhero or a supervillain, one thing’s for certain… you’re going to need a special super power!

Now you can use TVTA’s handy chart below to find out yours!

Let us know in the comments what your special super power is!

What the critics said:

“Marvellous! TVTA does it again! The only blog to provide free super powers!” – The Morning Early Evening Weekly Daily Standard.

“Holy soup! The Incredible TVTA bestows super powers to blogosphere!” – The Times Litter Supplement.

“TVTA saves cat in tree!” – Feline Fine in Space Monthly.

Thanks for getting super powerful with us 🙂

Ka-pow image courtesy of Wyatta. Collage and chart by TVTA.

23 thoughts on “What is your special super power?

    • Theoretically, even if I was a supermarket who came to planet earth from another galaxy to fight injustice, there are all ready a lot of supermarkets here all ready, and, besides, I can’t beat Amazon. Nobody can.

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      • Yes, Amazon is a tough, ultra-villain superfoe! But if you formed a hero bricks and mortar super alliance, and teamed up with, say, Video Rental Shop, Roller Rink, Art Gallery and Bingo Hall… you might be able to send Amazon ‘packing’ 🙂

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  1. Hello TVTA, you won’t believe this but…I have the “DeathStar Middle Finger Of Heavy Metal”! I mean if the Force didn’t “Whill” that power onto me I don’t know how to explain it!
    (p.s. I used my earth given name in case anyone asks how did I get Deathstar if my name is For)

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