Marvel’s Empire Strikes Back First Issue

I was happy to add this first issue of Marvel’s The Empire Strikes Back from 1980. The UK copy came with a free sheet of Kraft Dairylea action transfers – which was unused and included with the issue I picked up.

Dagobah Bog Planet. Check out the odd-looking Yoda… what’s he pointing at? Why is Luke flying through the air with his back to us? Why so feisty Artoo, has the Dagobah bog water got into your circuits? And what are all those other weird images about? All becomes one with the Force when you take a look at the “How to use your Dairylea action transfers” page inside the comic…

The issue included a page upon which you could rub down your transfers onto a handy Dagobah Bog scene. You could then use ‘crayons’ to colour the rest of the scene. Our family was quite poor, but even we could afford fine-tipped felts. The cumbersome Crayola crayons we owned would surely have destroyed that page in seconds! And… I’m still trying to figure out where ‘flying Luke’ should go in the scene… Perhaps Yoda is ‘finger-Force-pointing’ at him and making him fly? Dammit, being an adult sucks, because I know I wouldn’t have hesitated to Crayola the crap out of that pic after rubbing off every last transfer image from the free sheet with a two-pence piece and sticking them wherever I chose. Take that adult comic collectors (including free gifts) 40 years later!!

Back page advert for Kraft Dairylea action transfers offer. Is the hunt on next for the bumper transfer pack?

Thanks for rubbing down transfers and spreading soft cheese with us! Until next time, mtfbwy! 🙂

9 thoughts on “Marvel’s Empire Strikes Back First Issue

  1. Classic issue of Marvel UK’s The Empire Strikes Back weekly. This was such a fab issue, I remember doing the transfers that came with it as well! The art in this issue was a great too for the Empire Strikes Back storyline. Were the Micronauts still the back-up strip In the comic, or had it finished by then? Great to revisit this old issue again, oh, and I still like Dairylea cheese spread LOL 🙂

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    • Hi Paul, that’s great you remember doing the transfers 🙂 Did you attach them to the Dagobah scene page inside the comic or on your bedroom door or wardrobe door like we did as kids 🙂 Heroes of the Galaxy and tales of the Watcher are the two supplement stories included, and also a great pin-up of Carrie Fisher. Yeah, been ages since I had a Dairylea, over here it’s La Vache Qui Ri (the laughing cow) yummy as well 🙂

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      • Yes, I put them on the Dagobah page. Always great fun deciding where to put the transfers. Ah yes, heroes of the Galaxy and Tales of the Watcher were good. In the early issues of Star Wars Weekly they had Micronauts, loved that comic strip. I think there was also Adam Warlock comic strip at one point? Nice this issue had a poster of Carrie Fisher as well. I do like Dairylea, great you still have a version of it too, we also have Dairylea cheese slices here – nice in a sandwich 🙂

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      • Yes you’re right the Micronauts strips were in the early issues of SWW. I have this cool ad saying ‘The Micronauts Are Coming!’ from SWW. Will have to check my issues to see if I can find Adam Warlock. I used to love Dairylea on sandwiches too, as well as toast 🙂

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      • Brilliant, the Micronauts were such a great comic strip, great artwork as well. I’m sure Adam Warlock was there somewhere in Star Wars Weekly at some time as well – I think anyway memory might be playing tricks with me – they were good too. Dairylea on toast, oh yes, lovely! 🙂

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  2. Hi TVTA, wow what a find, you don’t get comics that old with the transfers intact very often! On a similar note I do remember having transfers like these but of E.T which came with a breakfast cereal. The cool thing about these transfers though was that they were Glo in the Dark ones!
    And to Paul Bowler, try Dairylea cheese spread/slices with Branston Ploughman’s Pickle in a sandwich! Thanks again TVTA.

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