Top 10 Lists!

What would life be without a list? From shopping lists, to bucket lists, to To-Do lists, to checklists, to Top 10 lists! Gah, we simply cannot help ourselves – as human beings it is coded in our very DNA to list, list, list. Haven’t made a list yet? Then get listing, and while you do, allow TVTA to present you with our little collection of Top 10 lists to get you in the mood. As Martin Luther King, Jr. once proclaimed: “I have a list.” or Neil Armstrong: “This is one small list for a spaceman…” or even Billie Eilish, when she sang: “When the list is over”.

In no particular order…

Top 10 toys that are freaking me out right now!

Top 10 misread internet instructions that prove I am a serial killer at heart!

Top 7 scariest whistles!

Top 13 horror movie taglines!

Top 10 non-medical doctors in pop culture who might be able to aid you in an urgent medical situation!

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