The Italian job… cool Playmobil ads from Italy!

Here are some more cool Playmobil adverts from Italy. As with my previous Italian Playmo post, these ads appeared in numerous comics and magazines during the late 1970s and early 1980s. Big thanks again to TVTA’s good mate Zerocal for sending these scans. Please visit his excellent Playmobil site over at:







Playmo 01


Playmo 02











New Playmo ads, plus a little taste (pun intended) of French fast-food chain Quick’s Playmobil promotion

Quick Playmo protion 2014 01

Playmo galore!

TVTA’s good friend Zerocal at playvendor kindly sent me scans of some great Playmo ads from Brazil and Italy, along with an insert catalogue by Brazilian license TROL, plus other goodies.

I’ve also included in this post a Danish ad from my own collection that has somehow eluded the jaws of my scanner for a few months now. Also featured today are some figures and promotional material from fast-food chain Quick. Enjoy 🙂

Don’t forget, this year is the 40th birthday of Playmobil. How are you celebrating?

Ads from Italy, Brazil and Denmark

Italy. Topolino N° 1290. 1980.

Italy. Topolino N° 1290. 1980.

Brazil. Superalmanaque-Homen-Aranha N° 1. 1980.

Brazil. Superalmanaque-Homen-Aranha N° 1. 1980.

Denmark. Anders And & Co. N° 45. 1985.

Denmark. Anders And & Co. N° 45. 1985.

Trol catalogue & 2011 Brazil exhibition pass and flyer

This is a Playmobil catalogue that would have been included in some of the sets. Dated around 1978 – 1980 and produced by the Brazilian license holder TROL, the front and reverse of the catalogue show some of the sets available at the time.

TROL catalogue.

TROL catalogue. Front page showing some of the sets available.

Below is a flyer and VIP pass for the Brazilian Playmobil exhibition 2011, Rio de Janeiro.

Brazil exhibition 2011.

Rio de Janeiro exhibition 2011.

Quick Playmobil promotion, 2014, France

Here in France, fast-food chain Quick is running a Playmobil promotion offering ten collectable figures along with prize-winning opportunities to grab two play-sets from each store. The figures are based on the theme of princesses and pirates, and they come free with a purchase of Quick’s Magic Box meal.

Quick Playmo protion 2014 03

I don’t normally collect fast-food promotional toys, but this Playmo promo is really good. Sadly, the fish dippers I’m eating to get the toys are just as addictive as the toys. Better add some extra Ks onto my cycling route these next couple of weeks…

Quick Playmo protion 2014 2

pizza playmo post


Welcome to TVTA! Brazilian Playmo ads join the fun!

TVTA is always pleased to add new international vintage toy adverts to the site. Our good friend, Zerocal, from Brazil, kindly sent the scans of some lovely Brazilian Playmobil adverts taken from children’s comics.

Be sure to check out Zerocal’s cool site – it’s full of Playmo goodness 🙂 playvender.blogspot


Brazil. Mônica 82. 1977.

Brazil. Mônica 82. 1977.

Brazil. Pelezinho 03. 1977.

Brazil. Pelezinho 03. 1977.


Brazil. Pelezinho 1. 1977.

Brazil. Pelezinho 1. 1977.


Brazil. Pelezinho 15. 1978.

Brazil. Pelezinho 15. 1978.