You’d have to be a bit bats to enjoy this post!

Batman. The Long Halloween. 1996. US.

I’m still stoked after seeing the trailer for The Batman 2021 movie. You can count me in for a bit of gothic fun any day of the week, and this film looks like it’s going to deliver moody darkness in swathes of glory!

As such, it got me searching the archives for some mean and moody Batman comic book ads from the 90s.

If ye be bats, enjoy 🙂 🦇   

Batman. Nosferatu. 1999. US.

Batman N°540 / N°541. 1997. US.

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Weekend treats and novelties

Eye Candy?

The New Mutants N°24. 1985. US.

I leave you with some tasty treats and fun novelties for this weekend’s post at TVTA. May your weekend rock, dear readers. Alas mine will be more elevator Muzak as I have to work this weekend… #sigh

Always that same sense of dread and impending doom whenever I arrive at work for the weekend shift…

Conan the Barbarian. The Scarlet Personage. 1985. Owsley, Buscema, Chan, Chiang, Roussos.

So thank goodness for Punch ‘n Juicy Soft Bubble Gum – the big juicy taste in my favourite flavours! Yay, Very Cherry!

Punch ‘n Juicy. The Thing N°6. 1983. US.

And thank the lucky stars for M&M’s too…

M&M’s. The New Mutants N°57. 1987. US.

Packs of fun for everyone…

M&M’s. Blue Beetle. 1986. US.

Going for orange. “Glubgrafutz” Reese’s Pieces!

Reeses Pieces. The Incredible Hulk N°311. 1985. US.

A fun puzzle as you munch your way through a box of cookies…

Striped Chips Ahoy. The Young All-Stars N°9. 1988.

Coca-Cola gets minimal and edgy in bid to eradicate thirst…

Coke. The Young All-Stars N°9. 1988.

Okay, fine, but what about the toys?

… all these sugary vintage snacks are giving us toothache!

No problem.

Ask and ye shall receive…

Check out this awesome toy…

Téléphérique toy. Jouets Mont Blanc. France. 1969.

Hm. Do you have anything a little more exciting than that?

Exciting eh? How about…

Masters of the Universe

Fabulous secret powers were revealed to TVTA when… wait, hang on, these ads are fake news! Legit, not. Surely some kind of 80s MOTU bootleg knockoff thing going on! 

Look away now…

Mighty Laser Lite Sword 1986 and Mighty Force Weapons Set 1987. Netherlands.

It’s okay. It’s safe to look again. This next ad has been verified as real by the Wooof Authentic Advertising Agency & Antler Awareness Society…

MOTU. Intertoys Speelboek 1987 Autumn Catalogue. Netherlands.

We mentioned cookies earlier didn’t we?

Cookie Monster Piano. FAO Schwartz. 1980-81. US.

Did we mention anything about being tough? (sparkle edition)

Be tough. The Incredible Hulk N°318. 1986. US.

Hard stuff. Sega Burning Rangers, what’s not to love about this ad?

Sega Burning Rangers. The Young All-Stars N°9. 1988.

Time’s marching on, so better say goodnight and post up the final ad… 

Goodnight Playmobil. Goodnight vintage mates and happy weekend 🙂

Playmobil. Intertoys Speelboek. 1987. Netherlands.


How to… Help Meatloaf

A brand new vintage post in a series of limited edition baseball and cigarette cards free only with your favourite cereal! Ten fantastic top tips on how to…

N°1 – How to help Meatloaf

1987. US.

N°2 – How to play Frogger at home

1984. US.

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Groquik …

… is not an alien or a dinosaur or a bear or a fluffy yellow cat

he’s a giant fat yellow dog cartoon monster with a deep voice

who wears a red and white striped hat.

1979. Pif Gadget. France.

Can you help Groquik find his Nesquik?

France. Pif Gadget. 1979.

What is Groquik up to now?

Groquik. Gadget. France. 1986.

Groquik. Gadget. France. 1986.

In other vintage news …

Yogi Bear and Boo Boo escape Jellystone in a red convertable

Mebetoys. 1973. France.

Italian ice cream goes Atomic with Motta

Topolino. 1978. Italy.

Construct yourself something constructive 

Ets De Neuter. 1995. France.

Slot Car Circuit Racing Fun From Carrera

France. 1973.

Win yourself a Star Wars digital watch! (time machine, pen and postcard required)

Star Wars Weekly. 1978. UK.

A Snugglebum can be called a Bum-Bum

Super Jouet. 1985. France.

A Care Bear can be called a Bisounour

Super Jouet. 1985. France.

Princess Power can be called La Princesse du Pouvoir

Super Jouet. 1985. France.

Electronic non-stop dodgem from 1969

Jouets Mont Blanc. 1969. France.

And lastly in today’s post, The Muppets Take Manhattan, storybook and record courtesy of Cheerios

Marvel Power Pack. US. 1984.

Thanks for looking 🙂

Hot Wheels toys in my Banania cornflakes

France. Pif Gadget 869. 1985.

France. Pif Gadget 869. 1985.

Of course, In 1985, they didn’t really put die cast toy vehicles inside the boxes of Banania cornflakes (not that it wasn’t uncommon back then to find cool toys inside boxes, but rarely metal toys that would add significant weight to the box). So, no car in my cornflakes? But this was still an excellent opportunity to grab one of 20 sets of 126 vehicles! In addition there were 1000 other prizes to be grabbed. To be in with the chance to win you had to answer a question and then cut-out and send off the slip on the bottom of the advert.

Controversial Banania

The advertising images for Banania featuring the smiling Senegalise soldier – and in particular the slogan “y’ a bon” (Pidgen French: “that’s good”) has come under scrutiny by those accusing the brand of racism or colonialism.

Scan of a reproduction tin plate advert from the 1930s. These reproduction ads are popular throughout France.

Scan of a reproduction tin plate advert from the 1930s. Reproduction ads of this era are popular throughout France. They are easily found in stores, street markets, tourist shops, even finding their way to flea markets as second-hand items.

The slogan, “y’ a bon”, which had been used since 1915, was finally scrapped in 2011 from all subsequent products and advertising. The image of the Senegalise soldier is still used but more in a comic / cartoon style. This change of style can perhaps be first seen in the 1985 Hot Wheels advert at the beginning of the post, with the soldier’s head morphed into the font of the letter ‘B’.

I’ve included below another advert from 1985 to illustrate this –  this time for a He-Man and Masters of the Universe promotion which is pretty much the same as the Hotwheels promo.

France. Pif Gadget. 1985.

Banania money box van. France. 2017.

Banania in Space

You can see the presence of the “y’ a bon” logo in this 1960 advert from Lissette comic. In this promotion you had to collect 16 points from Banania products then send them off along with 6 postage stamps to receive your space play-set and characters.

France. Lissette N° 46. 1960.

France. Lissette N° 46. 1960.

Read more of the history of Banania here:

Official Banania website

Banania Wikipedia (French)

Banania Wikipedia (English)