Eight retro gaming ads

TVTA presents eight retro gaming ads fresh from the 1980s … featuring Atari’s Advantage Prize Offers and Moon Patrol … Intellivision’s Kool-Aid Man and Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Video Games Taito’s Bubble BobbleWrestle Mania … Parker Brothers Popeye The Sailor Man … and game offers from the UK’s BOMB!

US. Firestorm 81. 1989.

US. Firestorm 81. 1989.

US. Firestorm 24. 1984.

US. Firestorm 24. 1984.

US. Alpha Flight 4. 1983.

US. Alpha Flight 4. 1983.

US. Firestorm 24. 1984.

US. Firestorm 24. 1984.

US. Firestorm 81. 1989.

US. Firestorm 81. 1989.

US. Firestorm 81. 1989.

US. Firestorm 81. 1989.

US. Alpha Flight 4. 1983.

US. Alpha Flight 4. 1983.

UK. Starburst 66. 1984.

UK. Starburst 66. 1984.


TVTA is pleased to present a selection of international adverts for Atari products.

Atari video games. France. 1984.

Atari. France. 1983.

Atari Pole Position. UK. 1983.

Solar Fox by CBS Electronics. US. 1983.

Atarisoft. 1984. US.

Atari 7800. 1990. US.

US. Firestorm 81. 1989.

Atari Advantage. US. 1989.

US. Firestorm 24. 1984.

Atari Moon Patrol. US. 1984.

Atari Moon Patrol. 1984. UK.

UK. Eagle. 1983.

Atari Colgate toothpaste promotion. UK. 1983.


Atari 2600. France. 1988.

France. Pif Gadget. 1983.

Atari River Raid. France. 1983.

Atari Phoenix. France. 1983.

France. Pif Gadget. 1983.

Atari Centipede. France. 1983.

Atari Centipede. 1983. UK.

US. House of Mystery. 1983.

Q*bert. US. 1983. Classic arcade game from 1982 developed by Warren Davis and Jeff Lee. Can you help Q*bert to alter the colours of the pyramid by making him hop from square to square and avoiding enemies along the way?

US. Weird War Tales. 1982.

Frogger. US. 1982. “Frogger’s first challenge is to cross a highway where reckless hot rods hurtle by, and huge trucks go thundering in his path. Every safe jump in this maze of motor and metal is a crucial step home.”

US. The Defenders. 1983.

Atari Super Cobra. US. 1983.

USA. The Defenders 119. 1983.

Atari Star Wars. US. 1983.

USA. Power Man and Iron Fist 86. 1982.

Atrai Star Wars. US. 1982.

US. The Warlord. 1983.

Atari Tron. US. 1983. Tron arcade game based on the 1982 sci-fi film written and directed by Steven Lisberger, starring Jeff Bridges who plays a computer programmer trapped inside the software of a mainframe computer.

US. NightForce. 1983.

Atari M Network. US. 1983.

US. The Defenders. 1983.

Burger Time. US. 1983. This MATTELL ELECTRONICS arcade game was originally titled “Hamburger” and was renamed Burger Time for the USA market. The game featured PETER PEPPER as the busy chef, and was available to play on systems such as the ATARI 2600, COMMODORE 64, INTELLIVISION and others.

USA. Amethysts. 1984.

Atari Bump ‘n Jump. US. 1984.

Parker Bros various

Parker Brothers titles. France. 1984.


Pitfall II. France.

USA. Marvel Alpha Flight. 1984.

Parker Brothers titles. US. 1984.

USA. The Defenders 1983.

Atari Imagic. US. 1983.

Imagic. UK. 1983.

Imagic. UK. 1983.

US. Legion of Superheros. 1984.

Atari presents Mario Bros. US. 1984.

US. Legion of Superheroes. 1983.

Atari Spider-Man. US. 1983.

France. Pif Gadget. 1984.

Atari promotion. France. 1984.

Brazil. Cebolinha. 1984.

Atari Ploc promotion. Brazil. 1984.

US. Starlog. 1983.

CBS Electronics for the Atari 5200. US. 1983.

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