TRANSFORMERS… heroic Autobots against evil Decepticons


Based on the Japanese TAKARA and BANDAI characters, Transformers was introduced to the US public in 1984 by HASBRO. Employing the classic scenario of the good guys versus the bad guys (Autobots vs Decepticons in this case), the concept of ‘transforming’ vehicles, weapons and animals into articulated action-packed robots proved to be hugely popular and prompted many other toy companies into making products of a similar concept. TVTA is pleased to present a number of international print adverts featuring Transformers toys, comics and merchandise.

The Transformers. 1989. Denmark.

Panini Transformers. Denmark.

UK. Death's Head. 1989.

UK. Death’s Head. 1989.

MB Games. Denmark. 1988.

Ets De Neuter Christmas catalogue. 1995. France.

France. Catalogue Super Jouet. 1985

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