All you need is love …

… and a little bit of Lego!


Here are some pics from Lego set 21306, The Beatles Yellow Submarine. This was a Valentine’s day present for my wife who built it with our son while I snapped a few photos for the blog. I think the character likenesses of Paul, John and Ringo are pretty good, not so much for George though in my opinion. The Yellow Submarine itself is cool, funky and as psychedelic as you’d expect. The cockpit opens up for the Fab Four to get inside, and the set also comes with the character Jeremy Hillary Boob Ph.D.








Will Lego follow on with other Beatles/musical themes? How about a 3D recreation of the Sgt Pepper album cover in mini figures? You can see my Beatles Corgi taxis here … so how about some Lego taxis to match? Some smaller sets would work well too, as the price tag on the Yellow Submarine is high I think.  I would love to see some onstage rock scenes like classic Alice Cooper, Iron Maiden with Eddie, Pink Floyd with floating pigs, Joplin, Hendrix, Morrison, Marshall amps, lights, drum kits etc. Music and Lego could be such a good match.