Meccano toy catalogue, France, 1972

Front cover for the Meccano S.A. Catalogue Général, 1972, France, showing the new blue and yellow parts colour system.

Originally called ‘Mechanics Made Easy’, Meccano is a popular and enduring toy construction set invented in 1901 by Frank Hornby from Liverpool, England. Due to its huge success and demand, Hornby opened factories around the world, one of which features in today’s post – the Bobigny factory in France, which in 1951 was producing more than half a million Meccano box sets a day! 

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Developed by Denys Fisher in England in 1965, Spirograph is a creative design toy that uses gears, wheels and a pen to create 2D geometric patterns. The first sets were sold in the US by Kenner and soon became popular. Many different types of Spirograph sets have been sold around the world and continue to be sold today.

Spirograph. Dinky Toys Catalogue. 1971. France.

Spirograph. UK. Hamleys Christmas Book. 1983

US. Justice League of America. 1975.

Spirograph. US. 1975.

Spirograph. Ets De Neuter catalogue page. 1995. France.

Spirograph. Ets De Neuter catalogue page. 1995. France.

Spirograph. Meccano SA Catalogue. France. 1972.

Spiroscope. Meccano SA Catalogue Général. France. 1972.

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