Homework assignment: building a better robot

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Gerry Anderson Andromedan Warbot. 1979. UK.

Starlog Japan. 1981. Maximilian.

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Shogun action figures came in various scales made from both plastic and die-cast metal. Licensed by Mattel in the late 1970s the figures were based on the Japanese anime show of the same period.


France. Pif Gadget. 1979.

PIF558_1979_ ShogunWarriors_POST

France. Pif Gadget. 1979.

Shogun Rocket Tops Topolino 1979

Italy. Topolino. 1979.

France. Goldorak 12" vinyl record. Saban Records & Music. 1982.

France. Goldorak 12″ vinyl record. Saban Records & Music. 1982.

USA. Creepy Mag. 1980.

US. Creepy Mag. 1980.

Castors 14. 1979.

Castors 14. 1979.