Never Mind the Adverts…

… here are the toys. Part 11. Today we take a quick look at some modern goodies like Adventure Time, Harry Potter and Star Wars Funko Pop Vinyls, Pez, Mr Men/Little Miss and Rubik’s Cube food promotion toys, and a cool Doctor Who Titans Tardis!  As always, thanks for looking  🙂

Princess Leia Pop Vinyl Bobble-Head. Wootbox exclusive.

Adventure Time Pop Vinyl. Marceline.

Pez Donkey Kong and TMNT.

Titans Tardis. Wootbox exclusive.

Rubik’s Cube. From the Quick Magic Box meal collection.

Mr Men and Little Miss. From the McDonald’s Happy Meal collection.

Ron Weasley. Harry Potter Pop Vinyl Mystery Minis.


RUBIK’S CUBE… the Hungarian coloured cube that puzzled the world

Architect, designer and university professor, Ernõ Rubik from Budapest, Hungary, created his first working prototype version of the cube in 1974. In 1977 the first ‘Magic Cube’ was sold in a Budapest toy store. By 1980 the Ideal Toy Corporation was exporting the cube worldwide – rebranding it the Rubik’s Cube. What followed was a phenomenon that quickly ingrained itself into popular culture, with cube variants, books, merchandise, championships and clubs, and even an entry into the Oxford English dictionary!

TVTA is pleased to present a selection of print adverts, catalogue pages and promotions for the Cube and its derivatives!

Cover. Ideal toy shop catalogue. 1980s. France.

1980s Rubik’s Cube puzzles from Ideal, France.

30 Rubik’s Cube prizes to be won in Placid et Muzo Poche. France. Pif Gadget. 1981.

Disney’s Picsou comic Rubik’s Cube prize competition.

Rubik’s Cube Junior Championship of France organised by Pif Gadget. 1981.

Rubik’s Cube swag. Le Cercle Française du Cube. France. Pif Gadget. 1981.

Rubik’s Magic. Speelboom Club Journal. 1986. Netherlands.

Cube Lube. US. 1982.

Rubik’s Cube. Quik Meal Magic Box toys. From the collection of TVTA.

Post updated with new images Oct 2019