Playmobil adverts from Italy

Time for some cool Playmo adverts from Italy. These adverts would have appeared in numerous comics and magazines during the late 1970s and early 1980s. It’s good to see some of the aviation line of toys as well as some great sets from Playmo’s extensive Wild West series. What I really like about some of these ads is the depiction of the packaging alongside the toys. Seeing those blue boxes brings back fond memories. I also like the impressive dioramas and photography, which for me is typical of Playmobil and their attention to detail when it came to advertising their products.

Big thanks to TVTA’s good friend Zerocal for sending me these scans. Please visit his excellent Playmobil site over at:


Playmobil Italian 002


playmobil Italian 001


Playmobil Italian 003


Playmobil Italian 004


Playmobil Italian 005


Playmobil Italian 006


Playmobil Italian 007


Playmobil Italian 08