ETS De Neuter toy trade catalogue 1995

ETS DE NEUTER is a French toy distributor that has been in operation for more than 60 years. The following scans are from its 1995 Christmas trade catalogue and feature many of the big name toy and game brands. The front cover has a wintry, foresty, Christmas wonderland feel to it, while the back cover shows a range of cool merchandise for popular 90s film The Lion King. In between these covers are more than 80 pages of well-presented toy photos and dioramas, making this catalogue a joy to look through.

As well as toys and games, ETS De Neuter distributed household, sports, leisure and electrical goods, which the catalogue also features – but we’ll save those goodies for another time. For now, sit back and enjoy these cool 90s toys. Click if you need to go bigger. Thanks for looking.

Cover. Ets De Neuter. Catalogue Noël. 1995. France.

Batman and Robocop toys.

Biker Mice From Mars.

Playmobil sets and Wild West sets.

Joustra construction. Road Rigs.


Lego Technic.

Meccano construction.

Barbie dolls, play sets and accessories.

Barbie dolls, play sets and accessories.

Barbie merchandise.

Action Man.

Polly Pocket.

Power Rangers.






Qui Est-Ce? / Guess Who?


Tir’Pic / Ker Plunk.

Touche Coule / Battleships.


Docteur Maboul / Operation.

Trivial Pursuit.

Astérix plush.

Sailor Moon.



Nikko Radio Control.

Nikko Radio Control.

Nikko Radio Control.



Le Roi Lion / The Lion King. Back cover of Ets De Neuter catalogue. 1995. France.

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Play-Doh began life in North America as a wallpaper cleaning product! Its pliable properties meant it was also ideal for moulding into shapes. In 1956 it was demonstrated as a potential “toy” at conventions. A year later Play-Doh was advertised on TV as an official product. Play-Doh became available to the European market in 1964 and remains a popular and enduring toy.

France. Pif Gadget. 1979.

Play-Doh hair care

The Fuzzy Pumper Barber and Beauty Shop began life in 1977. It was later rebranded  as the Mop Top Hair Shop. More recently it made an appearance with characters from Disney Pixar Monster University (Scare Chair). Previous incarnations include Sesame Street and Littlest Pet Shop.

France. Pif Gadget 612. 1980.

France. Pif Gadget 612. 1980.

Star Wars Return of the Jedi Play-Doh. 1983. US.

Star Wars Play-Doh Can-Heads. 2016. US.

Star Wars Play-Doh. Can-Heads. 2016. US.

Ets De Neuter. Catalogue page. 1995. France.