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Morning vintage mates. Check out this cool paper construction set via Small Wonders. For more vintage delights please visit Wibi’s blog: Small Wonders

Wibi Wonders

I guess it has become obvious that I like miniatures of various kinds. Here is a selection of ‘model-sheets’ and ‘construction-kits’.

I admire anyone who can actually put these models together – it needs nimble fingers and the patience of a saint – at least that’s what I believe! But the sheets or materials themselves are great to look at in their own right.

Here are two lovely examples of finished buildings:

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Matchbox military vehicles

“M.K.” is the only artist I can see credited among these 9 superb French print adverts for Matchbox military vehicles from the 1970s. The artwork successfully captures the dynamics of land, sea and air combat as Matchbox explored the theme of war through their popular model kits and die cast lines like Sea-Kings, Battle-Kings and Sky-Busters.

Matchbox Spitfire model kit. Artist signature “M.K.” in bottom left.

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2008 Airfix catalogue UK

The 2008 UK Airfix catalogue features model-making kits for Doctor Who and Wallace and Gromit along with the typical military vehicles and soldiers the Airfix brand is famous for. The high-quality 97 page catalogue was aimed at the UK market and is packed with wonderful photographs. Below are a few sample scans.

Doctor Who. The cover features a cheeky appearance from the Tardis to make the first letter ‘i’ of ‘Airfix’.

Wallace and Gromit


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MONOGRAM… quality model kits since 1945

Monogram began life in 1945 making balsa wood model kits of ships and airplanes. Their rival company (TVTA entry: Revell) started making plastic kits to which Monogram responded with their own range of “All Plastic” “Plastikits”.

The rivalry between the two companies continued over the years until they joined forces to become one company. Today they continue to enjoy that partnership.

See partnership: revell.com

TVTA is pleased to present its collection of Monogram print adverts covering models dated between 1974 to 1988, along with Monogram special offers, competitions, and special licenses.

Monogram SpeedeeBilt Flyers. US. 1977.

Monogram Street Machines. US. 1978.

Snap Tite models

Monogram Snap Tite Armor Kits. US. 1976.

Monogram models various, and special offers

Monogram Radio Control

Monogram Tornado Radio Control. US. 1987.

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MPC model kits

MPC was established in 1963 by George A. Toteff Jr. and Dick Branstner. As well as producing high quality, detailed versions of road cars, MPC produced many TV tie-in vehicles from shows such as The Monkees, Happy Days, Space 1999, The Fall Guy, Knight Rider and The Dukes of Hazzard. Some notable film tie-ins include Star Wars, Alien and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

MPC sweepstakes. Alpha Flight N°5. 1983. US.

MPC models. The Invincible Iron Man N°129. 1979. US.

MPC Body Builder. The Young All-Stars N°9. 1988. US.

US. Ghosts. 1981.

MPC models. US. Ghosts. 1981.

US. Weird War Tales. 1981.

MPC Fast 111s. US. Weird War Tales. 1981.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Action Scenes. Starlog. 1982. US.

US. Spider-Man. 1981.

MPC Empire Strikes Back models. US. Spider-Man. 1981.

US. House of Mystery. 1983.

MPC Return of the Jedi models. US. House of Mystery. 1983.

US. Codename Spitfire. 1987.

MPC Build a Reputation. US. Codename Spitfire. 1987.

US. Amethyst. 1982.

MPC kits. US. Amethyst. 1982.

US. Weird War Tales. 1975.

MPC Zingers. US. Weird War Tales. 1975.

US. The Unexpected. 1972.

MPC Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote. US. The Unexpected. 1972.

Page 1 of double page Disney's Haunted Mansion by MPC. 1974. Weird War Tales. US.

Page 1 of double page Disney’s Haunted Mansion by MPC. 1974. Weird War Tales. US.

Page 2 of double page Disney's Haunted Mansion by MPC. 1974. Weird War Tales. US.

Page 2 of double page Disney’s Haunted Mansion by MPC. 1974. Weird War Tales. US.

US. Teen Titans. 1971.

MPC Coca Cola Vending Machine. US. Teen Titans. 1971.

MPC The Black Hole. US. Weird War Tales. 1980.

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